The best games in which you can use real military equipment (P)

The modern gaming industry is able to interest many players not only with a bright and active gameplay, but also with a colorful and realistic environment, including in compliance with the laws of physics and dynamics.

This also applies to fans of realistic military and automotive simulators who want to fully experience all the intricacies of controlling all types of equipment during combat operations, or implementing standard professions.

The projects differ in their immersion, for example, in Call of Duty you will only partially control a tank in a number of missions and with mw3 boosting, and in World of Tanks the entire gameplay will be based on mastering each vehicle in the selected army and developing the crew to increase combat capabilities and survivability.

World of Tanks

This is one of the most realistic projects that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of the history of the development of armored vehicles, namely tanks starting from the era of the Second World War and their further development path, to choose your country and upgrade all types of vehicles and thereby using each of them.

You can choose one of the types of tanks, including artillery self-propelled guns, which are located at a great distance and look for targets based on guidance from their allies.

You may be a light and fast vehicle, but very vulnerable – this means that it is harder for you to be hit by a projectile, but if this does happen, then it is unlikely that anyone will be able to survive such a blow.

However, there is a nuance – you will still be able to inflict your damage, at close range and by constantly maneuvering and looking for the enemy’s weak points in the form of weak armor and ammunition stowage points, you will be able to defeat even a much more armored and powerful tank.

There are middle-class vehicles – these are tanks that are more durable, but still do not reach the heavy ones in terms of speed and armor level, but already have a more powerful gun to solve their problems. A classic example of a famous medium tank is the T-34.

Heavy tanks are a specific class that has strong advantages and disadvantages that are also worth considering.

Yes, this is reinforced armor, which will be beyond the strength of many tanks in frontal attacks, and they will have to look for vulnerable points or aim artillery, while a player on such a tank will easily crush most enemies.

But such tanks have enormous weight, which greatly complicates their movement, especially uphill, and makes them an easy target for artillery and mobile opponents, who simply will not be exposed to direct fire. A good example is the German Tiger.


You will choose your side and the first tank you want to develop to open new models throughout the entire branch, depending on the type of tank and its weight.

You can always change your choice and start playing on other machines and even sides, only the level of gameplay and your enemies will change, that is, if you wish, you can upgrade everything.

The first tanks are easy to upgrade, moreover, when you find your comfortable tank, you will notice how quickly your progress and role in the match will go.

Of course, there will be problematic machines in the development branches that you just need to endure and persistently develop in order to simply switch to more successful models and never return to them. For example, the T-45, a terrible tank with a very long length, heavy weight and a weak gun, all lovers of technology will have to tinker with it a lot, but when you pass it, the path to the IS will open for you.

You can, of course, invest some of your personal money to get more experience from a premium account and buy special shells that will have greater penetrating power against all types of enemies, but this is not a prerequisite, but simply an auxiliary one.

Battlefield Series

Battlefield can hardly be called a simulator, but it is one of the most striking and successful projects that allows players to play online, fight within entire squads and units for control points and use a wide range of weapons and military equipment.

Players will have access to jeeps and armored personnel carriers with machine guns, light and heavy tanks, helicopters and planes, boats and ships.

Any of this equipment can be controlled if it is at its spawn point and there is not an allay sitting in it who has already taken control of it.

You need to make full use of all the resources that you have in the form of armored vehicles and aircraft in order to better attack your opponents and knock them out of key points.

Each tank and other equipment has its own revival time, and the main task of each side is to destroy the enemy’s attack potential as quickly as possible and not lose yours, and to realize the advantage as long and quickly as possible in order to control a larger number of points and actively reduce the enemies’ revival cards.

As in reality, each piece of equipment has its own strengths and weaknesses and use cases.

Jeeps and armored personnel carriers easily deliver large groups of fighters to the desired points and landing sites, and suppress machine gun points with fire.

Tanks crush enemy infantry and help knock out key points, but without infantry support they are weak and vulnerable to grenade launchers and aircraft.

Aviation can attack all types of troops, but is vulnerable against other aviation and anti-aircraft points, which must be knocked out and controlled by infantry, otherwise your air assets will be shot down and during its recovery you will be heavily attacked by the enemy without the ability to stably counteract it.

Of course, the forces and means will greatly depend on the chosen version – Battlefield 1, which is based on the theme of the First World War, will use the first tanks of that era and aviation in the form of the first prototypes with the installation of machine guns on them, naturally without armored personnel carriers, but the developers added everything that was relevant at that time prototypes of weapons, including automatic ones, which naturally did not exist and could not exist at that time.

Battlefield 4 will give you the opportunity to use modern weapons and equipment of the US and Chinese armies, and part 5 will take you to the theaters of the Second World War on the side of the Germans or the Allies.

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