WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 – Event Guide

The winter season brings Holiday Ops to World of Tanks! It’s the most wonderful time of the year—full of joy, great presents, and valuable rewards.

During Holiday Ops 2024, a festive Village will appear in place of your standard Garage, filled with the spirit of the season and friendly characters. Make your Village shine even brighter and furnish it to your taste with decorations! This year, there’s a new guest star presiding over the celebration: Vinnie Jones, the renowned British footballer and actor who will add a unique flavor to the event with his missions and assignments. Join the festivities and prepare for a huge celebration!

Holiday Ops 2024

December 1 at 7:00 CET through January 8 at 7:00 CET (UTC+1)

Event Summary

  • Dates: Starts on December 1, 2023 and ends on January 8, 2024.
  • Garage Transformation: Your Garage becomes a festive Village featuring the guest star’s Headquarters, as well as the Christmas Tree, Fair, and Installation. Keep or change the name of your Village from last year’s event.
  • Event Currency: Resources, available in four types (Rock Crystal, Pure Emerald, Warm Amber, and Meteoric Iron). There are different ways to obtain them:
    • Collecting them once a day in your Village.
    • Daily mission rewards.
    • Visiting Best Friends’ Villages.
    • Large Box bonuses.
  • Festive Atmosphere: Has 10 Levels. Increase using Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald to receive rewards such as Personal Reserves, Crew Books, special crew members, a festive 2D style, and more.
  • Best Friends Feature: Mark two players as Best Friends. Visit their Villages for extra resources and unlock special customizations.
  • Vinnie Jones: This year’s special guest. He offers:
    • 28 Missions: Available progressively, but can be completed simultaneously. Rewards include commander Vinnie Jones, a unique 2D style, vehicle discounts, and more.
    • 20 Assignments: Complete using Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron to boost credit and XP bonuses and unlock unique customizations.

Focus on Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald to swiftly increase your Festive Atmosphere Level. For customization and economic bonuses, complete Vinnie’s Assignments.

  • Chaffee the Dog: Appears at Festive Atmosphere Level II, giving daily rewards for simple missions. Increase rewards with Chaffee’s Bundles.
  • Holiday Ops Store: Unlocked at Festive Atmosphere Level X. Use resources to purchase past Holiday Ops customizations (2018-2023). Already own some? Enjoy discounts on the rest!
  • Gift Terminal: Exchange Tokens (another in-game currency) for surprises such as consumables, Personal Reserves, Crew Books, Experimental Equipment, and more.

Decorate Your Festive Village!

When Holiday Ops 2024 starts on December 1, your Garage will transform into a Village in winter, full of special holiday magic. It looks spectacular, but you can make it even better to suit your personal taste!

On entering your Village for the first time, you will receive your first gift: the brand-new Pzw.39—a Tier III Premium Czechoslovakian light tank with a crew trained to 100% and a Garage slot.

The name of the Village will carry over from last year automatically. You can choose something different if you’d like, but only once. If you didn’t participate in Holiday Ops last year, your Village will be assigned a random name when you join the event (you can change it once).

Make sure to check out the Headquarters, where our famous guest Vinnie Jones will give you missions and assignments. Tend to Chaffee, and the dog will bring you additional presents. Other points of attraction include the three sightly Decoration Zones: the Christmas Tree, Fair, and Installation. Make them even more awesome with decorations!

Decoration Zones and Decorations

The three Decoration Zones each have five Levels. To increase their Level and make your Village look like a winter wonderland, you need to invest certain amounts of two Holiday Ops resources: Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald. From Level 1, the Decoration Zones have slots for standard decorations which can be obtained from a variety of sources:

  • On increasing a Decoration Zone’s Level
  • From certain Vinnie’s Assignments
  • From Chaffee’s Sacks
  • From Large Boxes

You can also adorn your Village with Large Decorations which are automatically put into their places and are awarded for:

  • Completing Vinnie’s Assignments
  • Upgrading your Decoration Zones to Level 5

Standard and Large Decorations have no impact on your event progress. They are objects of art, created to make your Village feel festive, cozy, and to your liking.

Holiday Ops Resources

Holiday Ops resources are a special in-game currency which comes in four types:


Rock Crystal

Pure Emerald

Warm Amber

Meteoric Iron

Use Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald to increase the Festive Atmosphere, and complete Vinnie’s Assignments with Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron.

Resources can be used to:

  • Upgrade Decoration Zones in your Village
  • Complete Vinnie’s Assignments
  • Purchase Holiday Ops customization rewards from previous years (2018 through 2023)
  • Purchase Tokens (an in-game currency used to activate the Gift Terminal)

Resources can be obtained in the following ways:

  • In your Village once a day. If you skip a day or more of the event, you will get an increased amount of resources when you collect them again.
  • In your Best Friends’ Villages once a day (in up to two Villages).
  • As a bonus for opening Large Boxes.
  • As rewards for completing standard daily missions.
Tier I 450 of a random resource type
Tier II 300 of a random resource type
Tier III 350 of a random resource type
Bonus 450 of a random resource type
Epic N/A

Resource Converter

If you have too much of one type of resource and not enough of another type you currently need more, use the Resource Converter. It lets you exchange any type of resource for any other type at a rate of 50:40.

Increase Your Festive Atmosphere!

The Festive Atmosphere in your Village can go up from Level I to Level X. You join Holiday Ops 2024 at Festive Atmosphere Level I.

To increase the Festive Atmosphere Level, upgrade the Decoration Zones from Level 1 to 5 with Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald. Leveling up any Decoration Zone gives you Festive Atmosphere Points that add to your Festive Atmosphere.

1 +5 +5 +5
2 +5 +5 +5
3 +10 +10 +10
4 +10 +10 +10
5 +20 +20 +20
Total 50 50 50
Below is the number of Festive Atmosphere Points required to reach each new Level:
NUMBER OF POINTS 0 10 20 30 40 60 80 100 120 150
On reaching every new Festive Atmosphere Level, you will receive rewards. These include Personal Reserves, national and universal fragments, Crew Books, special crew members, a brand-new festive 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence, and much more. The complete list of rewards is in the interactive image below.

All new Holiday Ops 2024 reward 2D styles have special Marks of Excellence that will replace the default ones on your vehicle’s gun.

Chaffee Comes Back—With a Bunch of Presents!

Once you reach Festive Atmosphere Level II, Chaffee the Dog will appear in your Village. The friendly pooch has been preparing for this year’s festivities: Chaffee will give you Sacks with cool rewards for completing his simple daily missions, starting with one Sack per mission.

This smart canine is expecting some gifts, too! If you spend in-game currency to get him a Bundle of items made for dogs (beds, collars, toys, and food), you will receive one additional Sack per mission. There are three Bundles, so you can get up to four Sacks per mission. Up to 12 Sacks a day during a 39-day-long event is a lot!

Note that the value of gifts inside the Sacks increases depending on the Bundle they are related to. (If you rub Chaffee’s back, he’ll rub yours—in a way!) Also, if you get a new Bundle after you have completed Chaffee’s daily missions, you will receive all that day’s Sacks associated with that Bundle. Among the possible gifts, there’s a special 2D style!

Dog items (beds, collars, toys, and food) will disappear when Holiday Ops 2024 ends.

Visit Your Best Friends for Extra Resources and Unique Customizations!

During Holiday Ops 2024, you can visit the Villages of any of your World of Tanks friends to admire them. On the day you join the event, two people from your friends list will be assigned the “Best Friend” status. Your initial Best Friends will be chosen from those who have already joined the event; you can replace them with different Best Friends if you would like. Once a day, pay a visit to their Villages and collect extra resources to boost your progress!

Don’t worry: the resources you receive in your Best Friends’ Villages are not subtracted from their stockpiles—you get them all for free!

Each time you collect resources in a Best Friend’s Village, you automatically receive a special point. After earning a certain number of these points, you can obtain the following unique customizations dedicated to friendship:

  • A set of 6 bold inscriptions (for 6 points)
  • A set of 6 daring decals (for 12 points)
  • A powerful 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence (for 24 points)

Welcome Vinnie Jones!

This year, a special guest will grace your Village with his presence. Vinnie Jones is a renowned British footballer and actor who is the epitome of confidence on both the green pitch and the silver screen. Vinnie will meet you at his Headquarters, an interactive 3D zone. Mr. Jones will share some of his special powers with you—if you’re up to the challenge. He’ll give you missions (to be carried out in battles) and assignments (to be completed with resources).

Vinnie’s Assignments

There are 20 assignments Vinnie is willing to give you. These require you to invest certain amounts of Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron to bring Vinnie specific items. Assignments are completed one by one: you need to finish the current assignment before you can take on the next.

As you progress through assignments, you will enjoy Vinnie’s stories, receive exclusive customization items from him (including decals and two particular 2D styles with unique Marks of Excellence), and get special decorations so that your Village looks tip-top.

The bonus to credits applies to all vehicles in the game, including Premium and rental ones, until the end of Holiday Ops on January 8, 2024, at 7:00 CET (UTC+1).

Bonuses to XP also apply until the end of the event, but only one bonus can be active. By default, the bonus to Combat XP will be selected. You can change the type of active bonus to XP at any time in your Village. Active bonuses to XP apply to all vehicles in the game except Premium and rental ones.

Holiday Ops Challenge: Missions From Vinnie Jones

Think you’re tough? Brave Missions From Vinnie if you’re up to the Holiday Ops Challenge!

The Challenge consists of 28 Missions From Vinnie. They can be completed in Random and Grand Battles in vehicles of Tiers IV and up. Every day, a new mission will be available. All missions are active until the end of the event and can be completed simultaneously. So, if you skip some missions, you can try to complete them all in one go! Completing a certain number of missions will bring you awesome and unique rewards that include inscriptions, decals, a medal, and other memorable valuables.

On top of that, completing certain Missions From Vinnie will grant you credit discounts on researchable vehicles, whose tier will increase as you complete more missions. To get a discount on purchasing a researchable Tier X vehicle, you need to complete all 28.

Each credit discount can only be applied once when purchasing a single vehicle of the respective tier.

Once you have completed 23 missions, you’ll get an imposing 2D style that features the one and only Vinnie Jones and has unique Marks of Excellence. Take a peek!

Having completed 27 missions, you will be able to recruit Vinnie Jones as a commander. From the start, Vinnie has the Repair and Firefighting perks, as well as Brothers in Arms as a zero perk—plus enough experience for a fourth perk of your choice. Make sure to find a vehicle to match his character and play in it with passion! (You will be further motivated by Vinnie’s voice.)

Condition Replacements

If you don’t like the conditions of an active mission, you have the chance to replace them. Every day of Holiday Ops, you receive a new replacement. Use them wisely (though you can change the conditions of any mission multiple times if you want)!

Holiday Ops Store

As soon as you reach Festive Atmosphere Level X, you can use the Holiday Ops Store, which will appear in the game client. Invest resources in festive customizations from previous Holiday Ops events (2018 through 2023, including Bro-Wards and Redshire Cat’s items from 2023). Depending on how many you already have, a proportional discount will apply to each set!

You can only get customizations that you did not receive in previous years.

Gift Terminal

Among many points of interest in your Village, the Gift Terminal is a special one: it’s full of surprises! You can receive random presents by inserting Tokens into it. Tokens can be obtained in multiple ways.

  • Reaching certain Festive Atmosphere Levels in your Village
  • Completing Missions From Vinnie (one Token per mission)
  • Spending 2,000 of any Holiday Ops resource, available if:
    • Festive Atmosphere Level is X
    • 20 Vinnie’s Assignments have been completed

One Token will bring you a single random gift. You have a good chance of getting your hands on Experimental Equipment or components for it!

Gift Terminal Drop Rates

Regular gifts (drop rate 91%):

  • Free XP
  • Demounting Kits
  • Credits
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to credits for 1 hour
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to XP for 1 hour
  • Garage slot
  • Large Repair Kit
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Random directive for crew
  • Random directive for equipment
  • Training Booklet (random nation)

Rare gifts (drop rate 9%):

  • Components for Experimental Equipment
  • Fire-Control System
  • Mobility Improvement System
  • Survival Improvement Suite

Get Your Large Boxes and Open Them!

Unwrapping presents is an essential part of the winter holidays. Get some Large Boxes, packed with excellent goodies, for your friends and for yourself!

Each Large Box is guaranteed to have 250 gold plus a bonus: 150 random Holiday Ops resources, and 50 resources depending on the box type. From every box, you may obtain:

  • More gold
  • Credits
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Redshire Cat
  • Unique standard decorations
  • A Tier VIII or IX Premium vehicle (with four brand-new ones on the list)
  • A Tier II–V vehicle
  • A 3D style for a Tier IX or X vehicle (there are five new ones and five from last year)

Holiday Ops 2024 Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere right here and now: get into the seasonal spirit with Holiday Ops music!

Create your dream Village, give and get presents, and have a good time with Vinnie and all of your friends during Holiday Ops 2024!

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