WoT Supertest: Object-701

The Object 701, a Tier VIII Premium Soviet heavy,

This vehicle has the easily recognizable silhouette of a classic Soviet heavy tank, a 122 mm gun with excellent damage per shot (390 HP), and outstanding armor. Among this tank’s drawbacks are subpar mobility (with a top forward speed of 30 km/h), gun handling parameters, and base view range, together with relatively low DPM for its tier (due to the base gun reload time of 15 seconds).

To fully unlock the true potential of the Object 701, you should play it aggressively on the first line. This heavy is quite able to engage its opponents head-on and be the vanguard of attack during a breakthrough, with less-armored allies following in its wake.

12 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Object-701

  1. Okay, an IS-4 at tier 8 with a twist that makes people scream.

    Those who play this shit will scream at its gun, possibly its speed as well.
    Those who play against this shit will scream at its armor.

    Such a healthy and balanced tank. Fantastic job by WG as always.

  2. jfc that aim time and accuracy for a mere 390 alpha lol. at least the pen and velocity on the regular rounds are okay. oh and that tier 6 view range is something else

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