WoT: QUICKYBABY Commander To Returning Players

Come back to WoT using code: 7Y0EQUICKYBABY23 to get QB commander and more for free! Use links to redeem:




Code will only work if you haven’t logged-in in 30 days! Or get me (up to twice) via Twitch drops from 14:00 UTC 22-29/11/2023 ►http://www.twitch.tv/quickybaby

21 thoughts on “WoT: QUICKYBABY Commander To Returning Players

  1. WAXODAKILLZOR23 is the code for a similar package for fans of Daki

    ( unless you really want a qb commander – for your arty )

      1. Be careful: Even in the garage, he might push your other tanks out into the line of fire!

        QB is good at 2 things: Causing damage to allies, and complaining when he doesn’t get carried!

        1. The thing is I have seen these other CC asshats do the same thing over and over again, people like Dakillzor who will just say oh I am having some lag issues now when some other player annoys him enough. Curiously they don’t get the same amount of flak for it like QB got for one incident that happened years ago. QB haters are pathetic, having some slacker living in their head rent free 24/7

          1. Put it this way:

            I am a ~54% player across all my accounts. My WN8 is okay, but not epic ( average of all my accounts is in the mid 2,600s only – nothing great nor epic ).

            But QB milks his first-in-position place and is a complete shite when it comes to team play. AND, in those events in which he deigns to participate ( like the numerous Steel Hunter CC competitions ), regularly comes in the bottom 50%.

            He is NOT a top notch player. He IS good for complete noobs to get somewhat better. But not helpful at all for a medium player to become an epic player.

            For example: I NEVER ONCE saw QB use the windows to snipe in Himmelsdorf. WAY beyond his skills / knowledge. Same fault on many other maps. He simply doesn’t have the map awareness, even after so many many games.

            And I NEVER hear Skill / Daki bitch about the team when they don’t carry them enough.

            Fact is QB is a medium player ( at best ) who was first on the spot. And one who doesn’t squabble with WG when they make questionable decisions ( THIS I KNOW FOR FACT ). Other CCs DO.

            There is a reason even WG doesn’t ask QB to do competitive play commentary. Even they know he has no idea.

            1. So your argument comes down to “waaah he doesnt deserve to be popular because he isn’t as good as [insert player]” Fucking pathetic, you do know streaming isnt about who is the best player should have the biggest views. I don’t watch skill4kids anymore because he is boring as shit, and gets real old, real fast with all his repetitive unfunny catchphrases, also his fanbase is insufferable morons.

              Also, LMAO at not NEVER hearing about Skill / Daki bitch about their teams.

          2. “”Curiously they don’t get the same amount of flak for it like QB got for one incident that happened years ago.”

            I think you have a severe brain damage mate. QB has a shitload of incidents, your so-loved QB is an insecure trashlord. Whenever he receives any kind of critique, he starts cursing and whining like a little bitch and if he tries everything in his little kingdom to silence these voices. This is only the top of the little “QB iceberg”. He blames everyone expect himself when he fucks up big time.

            Maybe you should drain your kings balls somewhere else 🙂

            1. You have severe mental retardation when you can’t even understand what you are replaying to. Again you are letting a fucking hairy old man playing video games live inside your head for rent free.

              Muh several incidents are just you crying about some useless e-celeb in a useless video game like a jilted fucking lover. The incident I was talking about and which you failed to address upon as you have no arguments is the one you were crying about earlier, an incident to which all these other internet daddies that you have a hard-on for have done as well and some of them have done it way more than your ex-boyfriend QB has done.

              Seriously get your head checked fucking loser.

    1. Daki – WAXODAKILLZOR23

      Skill – XQ9JSKILL4LTU23


      Not sure about the others.

      Of course, they only work for accounts that have not logged in during the last 30 days.

    2. go cry in the corner skill4plebs, your shitty autistic repeat catchphrases can only entertain sub 60IQ autistic kids.

  2. Nah, i’ll get Dez, from the twitch drops , to get all the twitch English speaking commanders. Voldemort i don’t want, he has very boring and cringe voice lines. I’ll also get the new Skill commander.

  3. Sucking QB dick and accepting his money to post this shit is acceptable to you huh? There are other CCs who have codes you know.

    I hope AP gonna die the fuck out. While gambling posts are annoying – but totally understandable source of income – THIS is a new level of “fuckmyassformoney” mentality.

    1. I reveal one little secret to you, so you dont have to see those gambling posts ever again:

      On the top, there’s a MENU – there you can pick only WoT related articles if you only care about those… Ta Da! Gone are those pesky articles… thank me later brah

      1. Did I mentioned anywhere that I can’t filter it out with the menu? Please, point me out where I whined about that.

        Maybe you should start to understand what you are reading and write AFTER that.

  4. I guess it comes with XVM and a big decal: “Push ally 907 in front of enemies” ?
    On a more serious note, where is the news about the other CCs? Usually you copy-paste articles from WoT website, i find it complete disgrace that you promote only the senpai.

  5. A post about the event/activity in combination with all the bonus codes for all the CC is what I would have expected from a neutral platform, but not a post about QB and its bonuscode only.

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