WoT EU: Mitsu 108 Coming to Super Test

Commanders, the Mitsu 108 is coming to the Supertest. It’s a Tier V heavy tank from the new Japanese branch.

Considering its mass and size, the Mitsu 108 has decent mobility and maneuverability. While it can’t boast great armor thickness values (with 90 and 70 mm at the front of its turret and hull, respectively), the Mitsu 108 possesses very impressive armament: its top gun has a caliber of 105 mm and can deal 300 HP of damage with a single shot. This is one of the best values for Tier V heavies, though it is burdened by long reloading and aiming times (13.8 and 3.0 seconds respectively). The Mitsu 108’s gun also has a great maximum depression angle of −10° degrees.

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