WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Box Tanks Full List

  1. BZ-176 may appear in boxes.
  2. 97% that WG will not change anything at the last minute ( tanks ). But a 3% chance that something will change.
  3. I received this leak. Anonymity to act with certainty. Confirmation of information from a minimum of two sources and only then publication. On YT there was a similarly unique case – the list of tanks was not much different from two sources. What is associated with this is not entirely clear.


  • Pz.Kpfw. Tiger-Maus 120t (Germany, Tier-9, HT, premium)
  • Type 63 (Japan, Tier-8, HT, premium, automatic hydropneumatic suspension, gun cooling)
  • ISU-122-2 (USSR, Tier-8, TD, premium, mechanics of double-barreled guns)
    • Can be converted to: Object 752 (USSR, Tier-9, premium, autoloader for 3 rounds)

  • GSOR 1010 FB (Great Britain, Tier-8, MT, premium, mechanics: wheels)
  • BZ-176 (China, Tier-8, HT, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters) – boxes with loot
    • Can be converted to: K-2 (USSR, Tier-8, HT, premium)
  • ARMT (USA, Tier-5, MT, premium, mechanics: autoloader with 3 shells)
  • M24 Chaffee No. 594 (USA, Tier-5, LT, premium)
  • IT-3 (USSR, Tier-4, MT, premium)
  • A7E3 (Great Britain, Tier-3, LT, premium)
  • Vickers 6 ton (China, Tier-2, LT, premium)
  • Patton Tank (USA, Tier-9, MT, promotional) – Gift Terminal / or something that replaces it
  • Panzerwagen 39 (Czechoslovakia, Tier-3, LT, premium) – Gift tank

source: WOT Express donators only article shared by rykoszet.info

28 thoughts on “WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Box Tanks Full List

  1. Seb, please delete this. This info is fake and it’s based from a Reddit post from two weeks ago. It’s even the same paragraphs copied.

    1. Also Isu-122-2 is very unlikely to be part of the boxes since it is still on the first supertest iteration (tiger maus and type are on the third iteration for example and usually the third is the last one)

  2. Yeah, what Garrysmod said it’s true, WOTExpress leak comes from a reddit post from two weeks ago. Fake info dude.

    1. It has -7° according to tanks.gg.
      Which is a bit more depression than the MKPz 68P.

      Also, I hope that the Bullzhit-176 won’t be in the boxes.

        1. Really shouldn’t be talking to yourself. Although, your idiocy makes sense as your pretending to be 1 of the biggest braindead idiots on the WOT forums

  3. This list was made-up by a redditor 13 days ago, WOT Express took it thinking it was real but it’s fake. Please delete this post and stop spreading missinformarion.

    1. What makes you think it is fake? Who told you so? Too many times people call something fake, because it wasnt posted in official channels, but at the end it was true. Of course there is space for some quick changes, but that is business as usual.

    2. Well, even if it *is* based on speculation only, some of the tanks listed are very probable to be in the boxes.
      The Type 63 in pretty much guaranteed, as is the low-tier trash.

      Last year’s lootboxes has 3 new tier 8-9 tanks in it, two tier 8s being the iron arnie and the bullzhit-176, with the tier 9 being the char mle 75. So it stands to reason WG could repeat that pattern as well. Which puts the Tiger-Maus as a possible candidate for the tier 9 slot. As for the second tier 8 slot, who knows.

      Then there’s another consideration: possible content differences for RUBY vs. rest of the world.

      Personally, I only want the Type 63 anyhow.

  4. I really hope this is fake – if WG sells BZ-176 again, despite the fact they are aware of the damage it has caused, they will confirm they are simply reckless!

  5. The BZ will not be in the boxes. In the last 5 years there has never been a tank in the boxes for Christmas that was there before. So just chill, i’m gonna wait for the official reveal Video from WG.

  6. There’s no way in hell BZ-176 will be in boxes.
    If something like that happens, Tier 6-8 gameplay will be dead if not forever, then for several years definitely.
    Also Type 63 and ISU-122-2 will not both be in the boxes. Most probably it will be Type, and SU will be available much later.

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