WoT 1.23 Common Test: M24 Chaffee No. 594

M24 Chaffee No. 594 (USA, Tier-5, LT, premium) Historical reference:
One of the American projects in 1946 was the testing of the M24 Chaffee tank with a tracked part from the German Sd.Kfz tractor. 8. Its suspension with staggered rollers and tracks with needle bearings had outstanding driving characteristics and was of great interest to researchers. The test results on hard soils were satisfactory, but this cannot be said about viscous soils. Overall, there were no obvious advantages over the stock M24 Chaffee suspension. Testing was stopped and the project was closed.

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  1. This was supposed to have superior mobility yet compared to the Chaffee in game WG has implemented it with WORSE mobility, epic fail

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