WoT: Explore Random Events in Update 1.23 Common Test!

Random events mark a significant milestone in the evolution of World of Tanks battlefields. Initially introduced in Recon Mission 2023 for four locations, this innovative feature received overwhelmingly positive feedback from you, which motivated us to improve and refine it.

Now, you can explore these maps and their dynamic combat scenarios in their latest, even more spectacular form. They feature enhanced visuals and extended gameplay opportunities, so join the Common Test and give us your feedback before they go to the live servers!

Random Events: A Dynamic Battlefield Transformation

To ensure comprehensive testing and technical stability, the roster of Random Battle maps available during the Common Test will be limited to four locations featuring random events: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, and Safe Haven.

Each random event on every map will occur with its own specific probabilities.

Availability: Tier V-X vehicles only.

Random events are dynamic activities during which various events take place on the battlefield. They occur at a specific time and in a specific area on the following four maps: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, and Safe Haven.

Each event shakes up the environment and battle scenarios, offering fresh tactical opportunities and promising you an adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience!

Quick Tips for Navigating Random Events:

  • Himmelsdorf:
    Brace yourself for a zeppelin crash in the heart of the town. Witness a train departing from the railway station at the edge of the map, after which it comes under an airstrike.
  • Prokhorovka:
    Experience the excitement of two planes crashing in the Prokhorovka alley.
  • Ruinberg:
    Be part of the chaos as bombers raid the central square and surrounding areas.
  • Safe Haven:
    Safe Haven
    Stay away from the entrance to the bunker as its roof is demolished by a falling plane.

Red smoke will mark the location of the event zone, along with a notification that appears when you approach or cross its border. The event zone will also be highlighted on the minimap.

Remember that if your vehicle is within the event zone, caution is advised as it may be destroyed. However, by selecting a strategic position, you can not only mitigate the risks, but also gain an unexpected tactical advantage over your opponents.

Fresh Twists to Familiar Gameplay

Random events add variability to familiar combat situations. Get ready for unexpected gameplay twists that:

  • Introduce diverse options for the development of battle
  • Unlock new tactical opportunities that have the potential to turn the tide of any battle
  • Provide you with fresh combat scenarios, coupled with the chance to improvise in non-standard situations

By default, random events on all four maps will be enabled. However, if you prefer a more familiar gameplay experience, you can disable this feature in the game settings using the checkbox “Maps under Development”.

Technical Stability

Random events may affect your device’s performance as they include high-performance visual effects. Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some stability and performance issues (including FPS drops) when random events occur.

On low-spec devices, random events may be displayed with reduced visual quality, and their individual visual effects may not be fully shown despite complete gameplay.

Some settings and various characteristics (e.g., random event timings, areas, etc.) that are relevant for the Common Test may change once this feature has been finalized.


To take part, you’ll need the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test game client, and an active World of Tanks account.


All active World of Tanks accounts created before October 24, at 23:59 CEST can participate in the test.

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the dropdown menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated

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  1. So WG are making an entire update for the Random Events?? Really? No balancing, no nothing else. It should’ve been called Update 1.22.2 imo – too minor of a change.

  2. With the tactical brain of 95% of player noobs that despite MM, team roster, 1 or 2 cap, MUST go in the same bush every battles and NEVER peek minimap or leave sniper zoom tunnel view…..

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