WoT: Release of Taken Nicknames For Inactive Accounts


We would like to inform you about the update of the End User License Agreement („ EULA ”) regarding your use of Wargaming games. The changes are aimed at adapting to changes in legal regulations and improving the readability and availability of conditions of use.

Below we present important changes:

  1. Update of the Subscription Regulations in para. 3.1.
  2. Policy update regarding player content in paragraph. 12.6.
  3. Adding rules for deleting inactive accounts by Wargaming in paragraphs 4 and 16:
    • Under the new EULA agreement, we can delete an account if the player has not logged in to any product or service (e.g. game, Portal or WGC) in the last ten years.
    • We will send users an appropriate advance notification before deleting inactive accounts.
    • To prevent the inactive account from being removed, the user can simply log in to any Wargaming product or service.
    • If the account is deleted, we may allow another player to use the nickname previously associated with the deleted account.

source: rykoszet.info

17 thoughts on “WoT: Release of Taken Nicknames For Inactive Accounts

  1. Way to harsh. This is the way to never be taken seriously. ever. Worse, you get taken seriously and arrested. Don’t talk like this man, does it really hurt you to simply log into your account via the website?

  2. If you have not played a game for a decade that you invested in. I suspect most won’t care or even remember they had it at that point.

    It’s been a common practice for MMOs for decades.

  3. For a couple of weeks now, this site has been flooded with braindead idiots unable to think straight – wtf… Go outside and touch some grass man or stay away from any wot related info. You seem like abused victims with stockholm-syndrome. This game has its flaws – true, but noone forces you to play it

    If inactive accounts get renamed i dont see any problems. As balc0ra said – its common practice and most wont even notice. Also: those accounts get the opportunity to change their names for free at login so what.

  4. Please disregard the russian troll above.

    I would have made it 6yrs at most. For those people who were in a coma for that long and could not log in. Everyone else….No excuse.

  5. By changing Eula to this they forgot adding information/mention about Clans. What happens to them if no “successor” is/was assigned.

    1. What?
      It will be good. So we don’t have useless fucking Klan’s with only two active members and 30 duds

  6. Finally. I once tried asking support if I could inherit a nickname from an inactive account that never played a single battle in any WG titles, but they could not help. No idea why would anyone create an account and not play. I guess it’s to annoy players when they discover a nickname has been taken.

  7. “Under the new EULA agreement, we can delete an account if the player has not logged in to any product or service (e.g. game, Portal or WGC) in the last ten years.”

    Well, the inactive users don’t accept that EULA, so how can they delete accounts without acknowledgement of the change?

  8. fk WGing, stupid people stealing everything they can. I’m contacting the US government to inform them how a RU company moved its location to avoid US blockage of funds, I may be the one to kill this money lot.

    1. WG isn’t Russian but Belarusian. I know you’re just trolling but US government sanctions have become a joke to the rest of the world.

      1. True.
        US economy is fucked because of that fucking useless cúnt potato Biden.
        If they can’t sort themselves out I wouldn’t worry about the US foreign economics and sanctions lol

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