WoT Supertest: AAT60

The AAT60, is a Tier VIII American Premium medium tank.

With a low silhouette and good camo values. The AAT60 has adequate mobility (with a top speed of 44 km/h) and turret and hull traverse. Its 105 mm gun with one-time damage of 320 HP has good stabilization, DPM, armor penetration, and decent accuracy and aiming time.

The AAT60’s main drawback is its weak armor. You will be able to unlock the potential of this tank if you use cover and terrain folds wisely (a gun depression angle of –10° will help with the latter).

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7 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: AAT60

  1. Oh shit, so we’re getting this tank too, not just console guys.
    Such a good-looking tank with a high-risk high-reward playstyle but unfortunately, they will put it in those bloody Holiday Ops lootboxes.
    Anyway, these stats are saying “Turbo Rammer Vents plz”.
    Extremely good firepower with high base DPM, respectable alpha, good gun handling/depression, good shell velocity, and flexible ammo types.
    Not fast for a MT but you can slap a Turbo on it to have proper MT mobility.
    Armor looks quite decent even with only 190mm thickness, probably on its mantlet. Because the mantlet is quite small, hitting it will be a problem as this thing can snap while moving. 120mm UFP will be unpennable when using gun depression.
    1250 HP means mistakes are pretty much not allowed.
    This thing might get implemented just like this or slightly nerfed, depends on how its armor model really is.
    Good-looking tank that is difficult to play? I’m all for it even having to fcking gamble =))))

  2. Yeah I agree with pretty much everything you said. First off, this is a visually good looking tank. The gun looks just all around great, good dpm, good ammunition, good gun handling, even has 10 degrees of gun depression. Don’t know about dispersion but if they are half decent it’ll be a very comfy gun.

    Platform is mediocre to compensate but not end of the world bad, just below average speed and armor, really low hp.

    This is going to be a high skill, high reward tank, which are my favorite.

      1. Tho I get your point, I meant 50 base top speed to reach Panther-level 55 with Turbo. That’s what I consider bottom level for a medium if you wanna have fun playing it.

    1. Actually no, since its turret, which doesn’t matter how thick it is, you won’t be penning the cheeks even if those are only 150mm because the angle makes it only vulnerable when using a lot of its gun depression.
      Long story short, this turret can be very annoying to pen.
      This thing is far awar from a glass cannon, with an extremely good gun. Its potential is among the highest of all tier 8s.
      This means it cannot be fast, otherwise it instantly becomes ridiculously OP.
      To make it even more clear, 8.7s base reload = 6.3s reload with everything boosted, Rammer directive included.
      6.3s reload for 320 alpha at tier 8? Do you see where we’re heading real quick?
      A lot of tier 8 MTs have this kind of reload for 250 alpha.
      And they say it will have good stabilization.
      You simply cannot have a tank with this kind of gun that has armor and also is fast.

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