WoT: Bring Your Friends Back and Get Rewards for All of You!

Old combatants are never forgotten, Commanders!

It’s never too late to return to the game and try out all the recently introduced vehicle lines and other changes. From October 17 through November 8, invite your old combat fellows from the friends list and resume an exciting journey through the battlefields of World of Tanks!

For the first returning player, you will receive 3 days of WoT Premium Account, 10 Personal Reserves for Combat XP, and 10 Orderly Ammo Rack directives!

All your returning friends, in turn, can take advantage of the Back in Action Progression, featuring a special Warm-Up game mode with AI-driven opponents, discounts on researchable vehicles, and other bonuses. Everyone will benefit!


Starting October 17, when you log into the game for the first time, you will see a message inviting you to review your friends list and find combat fellows you can invite back to the game.

Friend eligibility requirements:

  • Has fought over 1,000 Random Battles
  • Has not entered the game in the last 180+ days
  • Has a social connection with you:
    • Played at least 5 platoon battles in two days with you
    • Has spent at least 30 days in the same clan and played at least 1 Stronghold battle with you
  • Not banned or blacklisted
  • Account is not suspended or pending deletion

Generate a personalized link and send it to your fellow Commanders via email or any messenger.

This link will take them to a special landing page, where they can recall your joint combat achievements and accept the invitation.

When the first friend you invited enters the game, you will receive:

3 days of WoT Premium Account

Personal Reserves for Combat XP

Orderly Ammo Rack directives

Team up with your good old combat friends and get rewards, Commanders!

10 thoughts on “WoT: Bring Your Friends Back and Get Rewards for All of You!

  1. Gotta appreciate them for trying but they need to fix core issues first. Really want a high pen gold ammo nerf. High damage gold ammo has a pen nerf so why does high pen gold ammo not have a damage nerf? Also turbogames. I think increasing HP of a lot of tanks would at least slow down that problem. But IDk.

  2. Nerf the gold premium ammo, give it more damage but less penetration but increase the amount of ammo of all tanks by 50% to compensate. Also balance it’s cost.

  3. yes nerf premium ammo then go ahead and fight against a 279 or a maus and plenty of fucking retard tanks that are balanced around premium shells. fucking crying about premium ammo in 2023 KEKW

  4. “gold ammo” which isn’t even called that anymore is not an issue.

    You can buy them for credits and credits are easy so people will use them.

    The real cause of turbo battles is shit players and that you can’t fix.

    1. Yes that can be fixed, and it’s actually quite easy.
      The current game now is full of high-alpha tanks / autoloaders. Making a mistake and you get punished very hard.
      This gives more opportunities for experienced players to exploit, leading to more and more roflstomps.
      Simply increase HP of all tanks makes mistakes less punishing, and that will lengthen the general duration of a battle.
      They have done that in Onslaught, just not properly.
      Each class needs to get a specific bonus.
      Specific tanks like Maus need to get specific bonuses.
      High DPM tanks also need specific bonuses.
      That’s not even the only way to make games longer, that’s just the easiest way to do so.
      But unfortunately, they won’t do it.
      It costs them money to do, and it will make them gain less profits as credit burning rate is lowered due to the longer battle duration.

      1. Agree with you on the causes of roflstomps, less exp players on higher tiers make mistakes and get punished hard and fast in nowadays meta + a lot high alpha + clips tanks. That HP increase is a thing, it could solve many problems, but for WG it would be financially less profitable.
        That bonuses for classes I cant imagine what you mean… I am not sure if that would be fine, it would bring another balance factor to the game… What specific bonuses you mean?

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