7 thoughts on “WoT: “Mirny: Lost Hope” New Final Bosses

      1. Papa WG says NO and you get a reskinned (2D-skin) TITT, called Obsidian, instead of this beauty!

    1. Sadly no, the playable TITTies will get a unique 2D style that cannot be demounted. It will be kind of like Iron Arnie.

      And knowing this community it might be for the best, if they went with the event look as a 3D style there’d be no end to idiots who complain about “clown tanks”.

      1. Go play warthunder i say lol i hope someone makes a 3d style mod for it.. Also we have the terminator t832 xD

        1. It could happen, at some point someone did make a Mad Max 3D style for EBR 105 that even WG supported.

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