WoT Supertest: BZ-72-1

The latest vehicle to enter the Supertest this week is the BZ-72-1, a Tier X Chinese heavy tank.
The vehicle is equipped with rocket boosters, features relatively strong armor, and mounts a powerful 130 mm gun that penetrates 260 mm of armor and deals 560 HP of damage. The BZ-72-1 also has a robust 900 h.p. engine and good maneuverability, which gives it the edge over its peers. The combination of mobility and rocket boosters allows this tank to quickly pass through dangerous parts of the battlefield and catch the enemy off guard by reaching combat areas.

The overall gameplay of the vehicle is geared towards quickly taking key points and engaging in positional combat from cover.

Please share your feedback on the tank here: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=3fqYX9_n5U2vFfPagCurKrxwWyEnVk9CoktiXesYNsVUNEhYTVZHVksxVEtOSk9GVjBUS0sxSFlRQi4u

9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: BZ-72-1

  1. Bruh 75 while using boosters is fucking demonic. A heavy tank with any amount of usable turret armor should not be getting into early positions this fast. If it didnt have turret armor, it wouldnt be as bad but having turret armor is going to make this a bitch to balance, and its probably going to need to have a shit gun to conpensate which is not ideal. Ideally, they would reduce the speed a touch (42-45 without boost so it goes 63-67.5 with it), and no turret armor. That way you can give it a half decent gun, not sconq level but something similar to E100.

    1. The more I think about it, the more absurd this thing seems. Even 40 kph is enough especially with the way turbo scales on this thing. And if they want to give it a usable and decent gun, they have to make its turret shit, like 50b shit. That would actually make this tank somewhat interesting and not fucking disgusting to play and play against. Another idea they could implement is making the boost take a minute or so to reload. If they did that MAYBE they could keep the 50 kph top speed as the boost wouldn’t be able to be used getting into early positions as effectively.


  3. What a bullshit tank, vastly superior to BZ-75 for no reason other than probably being a Clan War or campaign prize.

  4. Bro, this thing going at 50kph is a fucking joke. Going faster than most MT in the game despite its low specific power – going downhill it can and will reach that speed.

    1. Dude
      16 hp/t is like Russian meds
      U see how agile Russian meds are?
      It should at least have garbage gun stats/ bad overall armor to be acceptable

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