With the release of Update 12.10, we plan to make changes to some of the commander skills for battleships, cruisers and destroyers. We have gathered both the statistical data and player feedback over time and reworked some of the outdated, unpopular or underperforming skills to make them more useful in battles.

Consumables Specialist (Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers – Line 1)

Removed the following effects:

  • Fighter consumable cooldown time: -10%
  • Spotting Aircraft consumable cooldown time: -10%
  • Defensive AA consumable cooldown time: -10%
  • Main Battery Reload consumable cooldown time: -10%
  • Torpedo Reload Booster consumable cooldown time: -10%

Added the following effect:

  • Cooldown time of all consumables, except ‘Damage Control Party’ and ‘Repair Party’: -7.5%  (for Unique commanders: -10%)*

The bonus also doesn’t affect Specialized Repair Teams, Heavy Repair Teams and Fast Damage Control Team.

Now, this skill will affect a greater variety of consumables, which means that it will benefit the absolute majority of the ships. In order to balance this out, we decided to slightly decreased the bonus itself.

Preventive Maintenance (Battleships, Destroyers – Line 1)

Added the following effects:

  • Increases HP of AA guns : +15% (for Unique commanders: +20%)
  • Increases HP of secondary guns: +15% (for Unique commanders: +20%)

Super-Heavy AP Shells (Battleships – Line 3)

Added the following effects:

  • Fire damage received: -10%
  • Flood damage received: -10%

Improved Repair Party Readiness (Battleships – Line 3)

Added a new effect that can be activated:

  • Receive additional +1 charge of ‘Repair party’ for receiving 3,000,000 potential damage (once per battle):
    • Charges of ‘Repair party’: +1

Focus Fire Training (Cruisers – Line 2, Battleships – Line 3)

Added the following effect:

  • Immediate damage when activating the priority sector: +1.5%

Changed the following effects:

  • Airstrike armament reload time: -10% → -15%
  • Aircraft preparation time: -5% → -10%

When you activate the priority AA sector, enemy squadrons in its range immediately receive damage, based on the squadron’s HP. At the moment, without using this skill, cruisers and battleships deal immediate damage equal to 3.5% of the enemy squadron’s HP, and the skills buffs it up to 5%.

Secondary Armament Specialist* (Cruisers – Line 3)

Renamed Enhanced Torpedo Explosive Charge to Secondary Armament Specialist and added the following effect:

  • Secondary Battery firing range +20%

There are cruisers that actively use their secondaries, however, there aren’t that many skills that provide bonuses to them. This change will make this skill useful to a bigger pool of ships.

*not a final name

Furious (Battleships – Line 4)

Removed the following effects:

  • Main battery reload time: -5%
  • Dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship: +5%

Added the following changes:

  • Improves your ship’s characteristics for each active fire and/or flooding onboard your ship.
    • 1st fire/flooding – Main battery reload time: -10%
    • 2nd and each consecutive fire/flooding (up to 6) – Main battery reload time: -5%

Fires and flooding can be extremely frustrating, especially, when you don’t have a Damage Control Party up. This skill will partially compensate for the inconvenience by providing the ship a significant bonus to the main battery reload. Additionally, it can be combined with the updated Super-Heavy AP Shells to reduce both fire and flooding damage.

Dazzle (Destroyers – Line 4)

Added a new bonus to the activated effect: Reduces the accuracy of hostile fire directed at your ship and increases her speed for 15 s after your ship’s been detected.

  • Ship speed: +8%

AA Defense and ASW Expert (Battleships – Line 2, Cruisers – Line 4)

Changed the following effects:

Battleships Cruisers
  • Continuous AA damage +10% → +15%
  • Damage from AA shell explosions +10% → +15%
  • Continuous AA damage +20% → +25%
  • Damage from AA shell explosions +20% → +25%
Activated effect: Improves your ship’s characteristics when her AA guns are active.

  • Ship consumables preparation and reload time -15% → -40%
Activated effect: Improves your ship’s characteristics when her AA guns are active.

  • Ship consumables preparation and reload time -20% → -50%

With the release of Update 12.10, all players will have a 100% discount on the commander skill reset for a limited time. All the details will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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