WoT Console: Customizable Hangar

In the Console version of WoT, the latest Soldiers of Fortune update added a customizable hangar to the game. The feature is very interesting and tank players on PC have been dreaming about this for a long time.
You can add many elements, from ordinary boxes and boards to additionally displayed favorite tanks in the hangar. Some elements can be bought for gold or credits and they also have rarity. Others can be obtained in special Missions and events in the future.

On the PC version, we see the same hangar, sometimes modified for special modes. This has been observed for many years.
Making it special and truly ours is only in our dreams.

6 thoughts on “WoT Console: Customizable Hangar

  1. Such a thing for the PC should have been done long ago. WG could even charge money for certain decorations too.

    1. didin’t you know that PC ain’t reliable anymore ?
      its just a dogshit area where the money are extracted and in the rest is a forgoten project ?

  2. There was a mod called “hangman” … you can save every map position (+out of map) as Hangars and optimace everything … one of the best mods but dont gets updates 🙁

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