WoT Supertest: ARMT

The ARMT, is a Tier V American medium.

The machine was a unique development that utilized 76 mm gun with an automated loading mechanism.

The ARMT is equipped with a  capable 550 h.p. engine providing  good power-to-weight ratio, while its 3-shell autoloader gun can deliver 345 hit points of damage in just 6 seconds—a very decent value among its Tier V peers. The main advantages of the ARMT are its gun depression and elevation (-15/60 degrees) and its visibility of 370 meters.

Its disadvantages, however, include a long reloading time, overall bulkiness (this thing is huge!), and poor armor.

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16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: ARMT

    1. That or… A well deserved reward. As in either this or the tier V Pz leaked at the same time. The other one will definitely be a lootbox. Tho with the tier V we got last year, as in the dual barrel TD. This might fit more if they want to go for something… odd.

  1. Wait, three shell autoloader with 115 damage per shot and 17 sec reload? So like 900 dpm? In a tank the size of a Maus with armor just slightly better than a waffentrager…
    Add in 0.42 dispersion and 45 kph top speed and you have yourself a pile of guano

  2. I love this thing already. Sorry guys.
    It’s unique, it’s fancy, it’s funny looking- seems comfortable enough to play for the tier-
    and it’s not disgustingly OP. Instawant.

    1. Speaking of which- why is no-one commenting that it seems to be an AA design? This seems to be a low tier example of a similar concept to the overwhelming fire event. I bet they have a whole slew of AA vehicles lined up for revamping as direct fire anti tank roles.

  3. Meh, might be fun. Wish the gun was accurate. I’m sure the camo rating Stinks.
    Long reload and so-so speed aren’t good enough for hit&run. Leopard and Luchs own that game.

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