WoT: Important Onslaught Mode Balance Updates to Role Skills

We continue to closely monitor your feedback regarding the operation of this system while simultaneously making small adjustments to the logic of its operation. This update aims to increase the value of player damage by reallocating points from categories such as blocked damage and HP loss.

  • Changes were made to the system for accruing Prestige Points.

Changes to Rating Points Distribution

This season, a fairly large number of changes were made to the rating system of the mode, such as the appearance of qualifications, changes to the number of Ranks and Divisions, changes to the size of Divisions, and more. Taking into account the information collected, and based on the results of the first three weeks, we decided to make a set of small changes to the logic for accruing and losing Rating Points.

  • Changes were made to the Rating Points system.

Changes to the Rules for Forming Platoons

We are increasingly seeing cases of high-ranking players abusing the Super Platoon system to earn Rating Points, so we are reinstating the cap on the maximum rating difference between players. The change should not affect the majority of players while simultaneously complicating such fraud.

  • Maximum rating difference between Super Platoon players is now 1,500 Rating Points.

Medium Tanks

Tank Destroyers

7 thoughts on “WoT: Important Onslaught Mode Balance Updates to Role Skills

  1. This mode is too frustrating, because the points gained when you win are too few compared to those lost with excellent isolated performances: do 6/7000 damage and lose due to half the team at 0 or less than 1000 and lose 14 or 18 points is too much.
    In case of defeat they should reward, even very slightly, the first and not make the second lose anything. The current system rewards those who have few skills and play continuously rather than those who play well.
    WG is probably fine with that. Not me.
    I stopped playing it.

    1. yes, thats my opinion too, and i also stopped playing, last year it was fun, now it is pure pain
      not to mention the entire qualification stuff is pointless, since it uses last years data, not your performance in those 10 battles

      1. Best part is it’s based off your performance in the crimson griffin season (wich I skipped) and not the first one (where I reached silver), so quali placed me in the middle of iron and i can’t get out no matter how hard I try. Wich sucks, because not only is this season ruined for me but any future ones most likely too. I’ll be stuck in elo hell forever…

  2. the amount of won points versus loss points is straight outta cell phone games. Those games are a grind and get uninstalled in under a month normally.

    WG is taken pages from that playbook, the player base reduction is going to accelerate.

  3. I played the waffentrager event. Excluding me the best player i saw was 50.9% and the worst player was 37% ?!

    Then I read this event uses Win Rate matching to build the teams lol

    But seriously 45% wr is now the average?!

    No wonder random battles are trash

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