WoT Update 1.22.1: Common Test 2 Patch Notes

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • The description of the Experienced Firefighters crew directive has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of the BZ-176’s speed being displayed incorrectly in spectator mode.
  • Fixed the issue of some crew perks not working when directives were used and modifications were made.
  • Fixed the issue of completed conditions not being displayed in mission cards.

  • Fixed the issue of the confirmation window not being displayed when purchasing Crew Books.
  • Fixed the issue of the notification about Collections being regularly displayed in the Notification Center.
  • Fixed some technical issues.
  • Fixed some UI issues.


  • The functionality of the Annual Statistics screen has been expanded.
  • The Season Statistics screen has been added.


  • Onslaught mode support has been added to Tournaments.

Steel Hunter

The mechanics of the Steel Hunter: Reborn event have been added to the classic version of the mode.

  • Respawns
  • Marauders (AI-driven opponents)
  • Balance changes for vehicles, Combat Abilities, and functionalities.

New mechanics have been added and the existing mechanics have been changed:

  • A timer for the Dangerous Zone (yellow) has been added and is displayed when the player is inside.
  • The progression can now be fulfilled not only by completing daily missions but also based on positions in battle results.
  • The loot dropped by defeated Marauders is now more valuable.
  • The chance of receiving Combat Abilities from Supplies has been changed: the longer the battle lasts, the higher the chance.
  • Now, by collecting Spoils of War (red loot), players will get more XP. If the player’s Combat Abilities are on cooldown at that time, this cooldown will be significantly reduced.
  • Now players will get less XP for upgrading their vehicle when dealing damage.
  • The upgrade tier is now displayed above the vehicles. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the game settings.
  • If a player leaves the battle before their vehicle is destroyed, they will not receive any economic rewards.

Vehicle Rebalance:

  • The Huragan and the Bái Láng are now faster, with thicker armor and more powerful guns and Combat Abilities.
  • The Harbinger has more HP and improved guns.
  • Heavy tanks (the Walküre, the Varyag, and the Beowulf) have received an armor nerf: the chance of penetrating them is now higher.
  • The Raven has less armor and less dangerous guns.

One thought on “WoT Update 1.22.1: Common Test 2 Patch Notes

  1. I have NEVER had a problem with the Harbinger – in my opinion it’s even better than the Raven – I win so much more frequently in the former than the latter. And now they are buffing it! It will just become the meta in Steel Hunter.
    About the Huragan – it’s extremely effective with its 6-key skill. The issue with it is to survive and upgrade through the first couple of levels. So they say now it will have better Combat abillities?? I can’t decide which will become better – the Huragan or the Harbinger!

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