WoT 1.22.1 Common Test: Kpz Pr.68 (P) and LTS-85 Changes

Kpz. Pr.68 (P) [Germany, Tier-8, MT, premium, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension]


  • Max forward speed: from 55 to 50 kph
  • Max reverse speed: from 20 to 18 kph
  • Engine power: from 900 to 780 hp
  • Specific power: from 19.57 to 16.96 hp/t

LTS-85 (USSR, Tier-8, LT, premium)


  • Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.42 to 0.44
  • Reload time: from 10.9 to 12 sec

6 thoughts on “WoT 1.22.1 Common Test: Kpz Pr.68 (P) and LTS-85 Changes

    1. well that is an interesting read, wall of text that screams you are clueless and are way out of your abilities of playing a game like wot.
      bleeding 50k credits on a tierX game happens when you shoot full premium while shooting at everything except enemy tanks, you might wanna try a easier game like tetris.
      specially liked the part where you demand to make 20k profit on a tier X game no mater how bad you play.

    2. Oh no, a tier designed for players to lose credits at is causing players to lose credits?
      Anyhow, its been like that for a decade.

  1. So WG found out that KPz Pr. 68 P will be played too often in the front line and decided to bring it back to the snipy-snipe role by reducing its mobillity! Interesting decision – I though paper tanks were supposed to be nimble in order to be able to escape from enemy fire quickly.
    About the LTS-85…what? 1.5k base DPM in a tier 8 LT? This will be less than the Bat Chat 12t, which is a tech tree autoloader! And this dispersion will just make it unplayable! If these changes make it, no one would ever care for this tank (other than CCs and tank collectors of course).

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