Information about new ship restrictions to be implemented in the 22nd Season of Clan Battles.

Based on analysis of the previous week’s data and player feedback of the current Clan Battles season, we’ve decided to make some changes to the ship restrictions.

Ragnar, Gdańsk and Marseille have been removed from the first group of limited ships. These ships were not overperforming and were seeing less play compared to other ships in that restriction group, so we’ve removed them from the restricted ships list.

San Martín has been added to the list due to excessively strong performance and fair popularity since the start of the season.

Zorkiy was removed from the restriction list with Kléber and Marceau. Given her very low popularity in comparison with other supership picks such as Annapolis, we’d like to open up the option for more teams to pick her. Additionally, with Ragnar and Gdańsk being unrestricted, Zorkiy may act as a counterbalance as she has the capability to deal with them quite effectively.

Harugumo has been added to the list with Kléber and Marceau, as she has become an increasingly strong pick after the last set of restrictions.

All in all, these restrictions are to shake up the meta a bit and provide a newer and more dynamic experience by making some other ships and compositions more viable, as well as reign in some of the stronger picks.

In total, the restrictions will now be as follows:

  • Now, a team can have no more than one ship in total from the following list: Petropavlovsk, Napoli, Aleksander Nevsky, San Martín.
  • No more than one: Kléber, Marceau or Harugumo.
  • Banned from battles: Ohio, Kremlin, St. Vincent, Småland, Condé, Admiral Ushakov, Louisiana.

These changes come into effect on September 22nd.

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