2 thoughts on “WoT 1.22.1 Common Test: “Ace” 2D style

  1. Rip Progetto, thanks to those idiots at WG.
    Even that huge backlash from the community back then couldn’t stop them from butchering this loved-by-community tank.
    I believed that someone at WG wanted to drive people away from the Pro65 and get them to grind something else, but after several months without any drastical change in the MM, now I know that they were just stupid and someone who has the power to do something hated the Pro65 to the maximum.
    It’s just … phenomenal.

    1. People still cry about those nerfs? Lol…

      WG is to blame for making stronger and stronger autoloaders when the point of the subtype was ass gun stats in exchange for the burst damage. This fooled the playerbase into thinking garbage like the ITA meds are okay – no they are not, as they are now they’re at least less toxic than when they had literally everything you could ask for (mobility, decent gun handling, high burst power, okay magazine reload with the ready rack mechanic, gun rammer because LMAO).

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