3 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: “Nemesis” In-Game Screenshots

  1. Say hello to the next thirst trap for xmas loot boxes.

    I’m selling my account finally. 12 yeasr and I’m done, done with this crap game.

    I have 600+ days of premium, 60 Tier X tanks, have all personal rewards tanks, battle pass tanks, all work shop tanks and clan wars tanks’ EXCEPT…no VK 72, T95E6.

    I have all the Tier 8 premium tansk as well.

    1. Selling the tank because its just not fun for me anymore. They’ve nerfed tanks that shouldn’t be, done things without telling us that change the game experience. This new tank isn’t anything causing me stress. Heck, I’ll probably get it if it’s in loot boxes. I’ll look to sell the account by new year. I double checked.

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