WoT RU: T-44 lightweight Offers

T-44 lightweight (USSR, Tier-8, LT, premium)
This vehicle (in its current form) is effectively a better VIII LT-432 and does not appear to be receiving any changes before its sale. However, this is for the RU region ONLY (Lesta’s client)

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6 thoughts on “WoT RU: T-44 lightweight Offers

  1. well, according to tanks.gg, the T-44 lw is IMHO worse than LT-432.

    worse gunhandling (0.12 vs. 0.10), aweful gdp with only 5 degrees and also worse camo (16.9 vs. 18.6).

    it does have upside, too: better dpm, better pen (by a small margin) and 10 m more viewrange. the better hull armor is totally mitigated by the worse angle and the far bigger turret.

    1. It is way worse than the LT-432.
      With everything boosted to the maximum: you get a LT-432 but -3% camo, +13m viewrange, -2 gun depression, 0.02 less accuracy, worse stabilization, standard ammo has more pen but worse velocity, gold ammo is way worse (218 AP ~ 230 APCR), way worse mobility, and all your armor gone.
      It’s not even debatable.

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