WoT: Waffenträger – Projekt Hyperion Running Dates

The full running dates for the upcoming Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion mode have been officially unveiled: 25 September – 8 October 2023.

12 thoughts on “WoT: Waffenträger – Projekt Hyperion Running Dates

  1. her father’s work its the last time we will see kekw
    Good event but the WT its overpowered

    1. Your mom is also overpowered :). The WT is anything but op. You are just bad in this game you red tomato Nils. Go and cry me a river. The WT is a driving penshot for any gun but he is OP KEKW. You would not be able to do one full clip per game and if you do, then show it to me.

    2. If it was OP we would see it winning every time in this game mode.
      Which it doesn’t because it’s played by 43% players like you who have no clue.

        1. I think your entire family is clueless – WTF E100 is not the same as it used to be back in the day – now it can’t snipe as effectively (dispersion RNG has changed significantly since back in the day). You saw that last autumn it didn’t destroy tier 10 randoms, it won’t destroy them now as well.

    3. Bullcrap!

      By the all-time statistics of the EU server a total of 259363 players have benn played the WTE100 in an average of 220 battles per head and their combined achievement was 1898.31 DMG/battle, 48,93% winrate and 1277,19 WN8. This is how overpowered the WTE100 is. And these stats include the pre-nerf battles too. It is currently the 12th out of 18 by winrate and 14th out of 18 by average WN8 amongst T10 TDs. That’s how overpowered this shit is.

      Currently the most overpowered T10 TD in the TechTree is the Minotauro in fron of the Ob268v4 by a hairline, both above 52% winrate. After those two came the T110E3 with 50,76%.

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