[WOT Express] “Waffentrager: Project Hyperion” Leaks, Details, Tanks, Boxes

Release: September 25, 2023.

The development inside is completely finished. Which means that all the information below is already FINAL. Now we will tell you the whole basic gist of it, plainly. [This is important to note, because many things we write here when the development of a feature is not yet finalized, which means that various changes can be made, including radical ones].

Compared to 2022, the fan-mode has been changed a bit. Now you don’t need to capture the plasma and take it to the generator after destroying the Sentinels. Sentinels guard the generators and after their destruction you just need to capture the generator itself. This way Blitzträger auf E 110 will lose its shield (as before) to be able to deal damage.

For each captured generator the Hound increases his plasma scale. For each captured generator your damage will be increased, but after your death the scale will reset.

Finally added 4 playable tank to the Alliance: 🇨🇿Pojistka. It is based on 🇨🇿TVP T 50/51. It also has a drum for 3 shells. In general, in 2023, all tanks have been shuffled a bit, adding new abilities. Now the ability set looks like this:

– Resistor – Force and [NEW] Explosive shot (previously was Uranium Scrap)
– Thunderbolt – [NEW] Full Repair (used to be Afterburner) and Siege Mode
– Foudre – Afterburner and Ballistic Dome.
– [NEW] Pojistka – Uranium Scrap and [NEW] Full Repair

Additionally, they added a new mechanic for Blitzträger auf E 110 – the Hyperion ability (hence the name). The ability accumulates when dealing damage to Hounds. The progression of the ability is visible to the Hounds as well. When the generator is captured, the ability is lost. The ability itself deals a lot of damage to a selected area, it takes 6 seconds to move out of the area. It will also do damage to Blitzträger auf E 110, but not much if your shields are activated. There are a total of 4 hits, about 500 damage each.

So where do we stand on rewards?

The mode as before has the standard progression with rewards, as well as the Hound and Engineer portals.

In the progression of 20 level for stamps. From the interesting on rewards you can get:

– Hound Starter
– Engineer’s Starter (literally 3 pieces)
– Bonds
– Premium Days
– Customization items
– Keys to play the mode at Blitzträger auf E 110
– 2 new crew members: Jana Folta and Hannelore Ritter
– 5 battles for rent on Waffenträger auf E 100 (for random battles)

There are no special rewards in the Hound portals, as always: Silver, experience reserves, dismount kits, gear, prem acc, slots, unique customization (2D styles, decals, emblems, camo).

In the Engineer’s portals [paid lootboxes] we have a refill:- Guaranteed 100 gold

– [NEW] KJPZ TIII Jäger (Germany, Tier-9, TD, premium)
– [NEW] Jagdtiger Prototype (Tier-8, TD, premium)
– 🌍Object 283 (Tier-9, MT, promotional) [forever].

* Previously only obtainable in the New Year’s Offensive 2023 terminal. The chance of dropping it permanently was very small.

– T54 Heavy Tank (HT-9, prem)
– K-2 (previously obtained only in the auction 2023 at the amount of 20,000 gold.)
– Object 274a
– ISU-152K
– M-IV-Y
– FV1066 Senlac
– ShPTK-TVP 100
– CS-52 LIS
– Strv 81
– 3D styles, both old and new: “Pojistka” at TVP T 50/51
– 10 rental battles on Waffenträger auf E 100

– Other stuff: silver, experience/silver reserves, prem days, dismounts, training brochure/manuals.

source: WOT Express donators only articles shared by u/D_Savez on reddit

15 thoughts on “[WOT Express] “Waffentrager: Project Hyperion” Leaks, Details, Tanks, Boxes

      1. For the KJPz III Jager I can agree (it’s new after all), but the T54 Heavy…it was and still is meh for its gun handling, mobillity and huge cupola.

        1. I think his point is that people will roll a lot hoping for Jager, but will get scammed and roll T54 Heavy instead.

  1. throw in tanks from “rank” store. no one likes 283, i have still my original 15 rentals on my empty tank.. Another lame reward event.

    1. Actually Obj. 283 is not too bad – I got 30 rentals and enjoyed it for the most part. The armour is quite troll even against 270-280 mm pen.

      1. I think obj 283 is more like a t8 at its best … trash armor, week gun, the complete tank is trash for me … but you can get 3mark in 40 battles. The MoE was last january at 2,3k for t9 … meanwhile type t62 (t7) are higher on 2,7k

        1. The mark requirements were indeed very low – I got to 60% for my 30 battles and I average around 1500 – 1600 recent WN8. And the requirements were high only when the sweaty try-hards were marking, after that only casuals would go for a game or two with it. I managed to ace it with only 1100 or so base XP!

    1. You don’t want tanks? Why are you playing the game then? Or you have 3-4 favourites and play only them (which is by no means a bad thing)?

      1. There’s only so many variations you can do across over 600 tanks. Most the changes become cosmetic.
        I’d rather WG focus on new maps, old maps and general game play and maybe like a new permanent hand mode because 10 fucking years of only random battles is boring

  2. Let’s see, the big highlight tank, the jager is a direct downgrade from a leopard PT in every stat but accuracy and the jagdtiger prototype is virtually a ferdinand variant (So enough armour to be slow but not enough to actually block shells) and the rest of the filler are average to bad. Think the best outcome would be the T-54, but if we’re down to only 3 f2p crates this year that’ll be about a 5% chance of a prem tank compared to previous years 20% chance

    1. Well, the rewards are not too bad – the Jäger will be a legendary sniper, which is worse than WT auf Pz 4 but has better accuracy; Jagdtiger Prototype is basically a faster Ferdinand with better armour.

      For the filler tanks – Obj. 274a and CS-52 LIS are decent, ShPTK is quite enjoyable with the variety of ammunition it has, M-IV-Y, Senlac and T54 Heavy are meh, ISU-152K is a worse ISU-152 that we have in the tech tree, K-2 is annoying to play with and play against and Strv 81 is a pure disappointment. So I’d say it could’ve been worse – 50% of the tanks are good or not half bad.

  3. You need a ton of money to keep up with the new tanks its crazy . I cant afford it anymore makes the game a lot less fun . They need to offer more ways to get these tanks later on after they are paid release . Console offers missions and grinds to get almost all the tanks even with the battle pass you get most of the gold back you spend wot pc is out of control with milking the customers .

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