WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 Rumours

Although it is still some time away, only 3.5 months remain. The event is traditionally scheduled to start in early December.

WG is working hard on preparations for Holiday Ops 2024, introducing new guest stars, a brand new hangar, slightly modified mechanics, and improvements. In addition, some surprises are planned.

The development of the event is already in its final stages. As for the crates, all new tanks have already been selected, while the list of old tanks is still not final. More information will be revealed somewhere in the middle of autumn.

Q: Will there be a new, better tank than the BZ-176?
A: No, and I will repeat again – there will be no such tank! WG understands very well how it damaged the balance of the gameplay, and has no plans to repeat this mistake, at least for now.

source: WOT Express donators only article shared by rykoszet.info

19 thoughts on “WoT: Holiday Ops 2024 Rumours

  1. eek said in a live stream they there is a posibility that BZ 176 will return by the end of the year
    this PL noobs say other wise
    like PL always were right

  2. “WG […] has no plans to repeat this mistake, at least for now.”

    I had such a laugh at this! AT LEAST FOR NOW! I mean, get real, this is just pathetic answer! So they clearly don’t understand perfectly (“прекрасно понимает”), as the articles suggests.

    1. They do, but this is a business decision. The balance is not the top prioritiy. Players don’t understand this specific part for years now.

  3. WG understands very well how it damaged the balance of the gameplay, and has no plans to repeat this mistake, at least for now.


    I guess they’ll knowingly repeat it the next time they need to sell a premium tank they know will make them lots of $$$.

  4. What a load of BS. WG understand they broke the MM but they literally sell Skoda which is more cancer than the BZ rn.

    1. There’s a subtle difference between Skoda and BZ. Skoda T56 can perform in any match, it is OP, but has to be played sensibly because of the weak hull. BZ-176 sucks in a tier 10 game, because everything can pen the front of its turret with gold, the 225 mm HE pen can’t do more than 200-300 dmg against most of the tanks. But BZ can one shot most tier 6s, take 70% of a tier 7 and half of a tier 8, while everyone struggles to hit the smallest of weakspots.

      1. Exactly, the BZ is the definition of a broken tank. Similarly to Defender a long time ago. The Skoda is just super powerful. I’m surprised people forgot about the premium double penetrator, another loot box broken tank… 🙂

        1. premium double penetrator

          You mean 703-II? That’s just a Defender updated to current standard, stupid af armor (its only OP asset) but the guns are unreliable potato launchers.

  5. Another shit article. Rumours are they’ll be a Christmas event. Wow what an amazing secret… Not

    1. Exactly their knowledge of this game is close to zero … it’s literally their most profitable event of the year and some absolute idiots are surprised it will be conducted again after being held multiple years in a row. They must have a competition of the shittiest article and the winner will get some Christmas lootboxes

    1. Speak for yourself I love my caliban.
      but it would have been kind of cool if they had made it a tier 10 light tank instead because it’s supposed to be one. This may be where we got the battleship gun comments on the manticore. Hilariously enough it also fired nuclear ammunition.

      1. With old HE mechanics those HESH shells would’ve been the equivalents of small nukes. 😀

        Ah but, with the old mechanics they could not have made the $ off BZ-176 (imagine giving what was taken from Type 5 Heavy to a loot box premium, there’s low and there’s this).

        (and yes Caliban being a light tank with a 152mm gun would’ve been super fun)

  6. You don’t have to look way too far in the history, to see, how BZ-176 case will evolve.
    Don’t you remember, what happened with Defender, when it was released? Everyone and their grandmothers cried, that it is waaay too OP, WG later somewhat acknowledged it and did not sell it again for quite a time.
    But what happened after few years? Ta daaa – Defender is a regular tank on sales and no one even mentions it.
    The same will happen again – they will power creep the hell out of current balance situation, and in few years time your “beloved” BZ will be just another usual routine Tier8 heavy, as other tanks will be buffed close to its performance and several other more interesting and unbalanced tanks will be introduced.

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