Lätt Stridsfordon 120 Spotted on EU

Thanks to fukz for the mail.

„I’ve spotted the new swedish tier 9 TD ‘Lätt Stridsfordon 120’ on EU server, potential upcoming Battle Pass- or auction tank.”

3 thoughts on “Lätt Stridsfordon 120 Spotted on EU

  1. Probably auction or Waffentrager portal, I don’t think they will add any new premiums to this year’s battlepass roster.

  2. Supertesters are testing tanks from time to time. It will be sold in one way or another at some point, but it may not be soon at all. For example Obj. 752 has been in the game files and available to supertesters since 2020 and it was spoken of just recently, when a month ago some stats were changed.

  3. Saw Latt Strv. like 2 months ago. When the sighting in mm continue to grow you know its close to some form of release.

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