WoT 1.22 Common Test: Proposed Changes To Fisherman’s Bay

The path to the city has become safer thanks to the modified terrain in squares A6-B7.

In square E8, the troublesome position for attacking the urban area has been removed.

Vegetation has been added to the central part of the map (squares E5–E6). The house has been moved to give more of an advantage to the uppermost team against the lowermost team heading to the town.

The anti-tank position in square B2 has been improved: vegetation has been added while the location of the house has been changed.

The tree in square D1 has been removed. In certain scenarios, it acted as a double bush when it fell.

Some houses have been removed from squares H9-G9 to eliminate the blind spot when approaching the city and balance the time intervals for the lowermost team.

A new position has been added to square K7, which gives more opportunities for attacks on the central part. It can also serve as an additional secure point for the uppermost team in the event of a breakthrough to the east.

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