9 thoughts on “WoT RU: Battle Pass Season XII 3D Styles (Lesta): WZ-132-1, K-91, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

  1. I’m impressed that they are doing WZ-132-1 and K-91, on EU almost nobody cares about those tanks and that sucks.

  2. Thankfully we will not meet these abominations on normal servers. But they will like it, inhabitans of poor 3rd world countries like shiny things.

    1. No, not really… I doubt anyone from a 3rd world country could technically play on any of the russian servers because of the high lag.

    2. What’s your point you bigot? Russia isn’t a 3rd world country. Besides not everyone in 3rd world countries are poor. So called first world countries also have poor homeless people.

  3. The K-91 camo looks sick af. Not a fan of the other two, though it’s nice that Lesta shows love to K-91 and WZ-132-1, which are almost forgotten in WoT EU/NA.

  4. Being a sci-fi fan I personally like these. Reminds me of space race era russian design.

    I’m gonna be sad if these won’t make it to the EU server. Would make a perfect vessel to the Gagarin commander.

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