WoT: Battle Pass Season 12 – Crews, Stickers, Infos

The theme of the season: Mirny-13.

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“Pitch darkness” –
• Issued after passing all three chapters.
Complete all progression stages within the twelfth season of the Battle Pass.

Chapter 1: Wotan Vogt (crew member).
German tanker. Equally well copes with the role of the commander of a combat vehicle and an inquisitive scientist. Since high school, he has been gravitating towards the natural sciences and is well versed in chemistry, biology and physics. He constantly keeps a diary in which he records what is happening with the help of illegible notes and quite visual illustrations.

Chapter 2: Maria Lastochkina (crew member).
The deceptive appearance of this young scout killed many. Perfectly owns the skills of collecting data about the enemy. Specialization – radar intelligence, in which the girl uses a systematic approach and analytical thinking to the maximum to make decisions. Able to take risks to save her comrades.

Chapter 3: Larry Stone (crew member).
Behind the formidable appearance of this American lies a sharp mind and a subtle sense of humor. He is not afraid of anything or anyone, at least he thinks so. For a long time he fought under the command of D. Makrid, with whom at first he could not find a common language because of his own sharp jokes. During his career, he successfully completed dozens of combat missions, accustomed himself to discipline and subsequently became a competent commander. However, he did not stop releasing witticisms about and without.

Extras: Nadezhda (crew member).
Leading Researcher of the Research Institute (crossed out). Curator of the first and subsequent groups that went to Mirny-13. He approaches work very scrupulously, sometimes reaching fanaticism. He does not compromise and if he sets a goal, he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

1. “Glory to the pioneers”

2. “Bright future…”

3. “Put on a gas mask”

4. “Be careful with myrium”

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