World of Warships 8th Anniversary, Airship Escort in Random Battles, Bounty Hunt improvements, and a whole lot more!


Get ready to set sail into a sea of celebrations, because Update 12.8 will host World of Warships’ grand 8th birthday party!

Players can expect a variety of activities and rewards, including the ability to receive several rewards at once in the same battle, with similar mechanics to those seen in the previous New Year’s Celebration in Update 0.11.11.

Rewards will await players in the form of battle performance bonuses for achieving certain combat results on all their ships, starting from Tier V. The distribution of rewards has changed, as players will now earn Festive tokens.

Depending on the Tier of the ship, you will receive the following amounts of Festive tokens:

  • Tier V-VII ships – 30 Festive tokens
  • Tier VIII-IX ships – 75 Festive tokens
  • Tier X ships  – 200 Festive tokens
  • Superships – 300 Festive tokens
  • Reward for completing the Free Battle Pass track is 1250 Festive Tokens.

Festive tokens can be exchanged for the following rewards:


  • Bayard – 6,250 Festive tokens
  • A single 50% discount coupon for Tier VIII ships that can be obtained for doubloons –  3,125 Festive tokens
  • Permanent Delorean camouflage for Zieten – 1,250 Festive tokens
  • Up to 7 On a Retro Wave containers – 500 Festive tokens for each
  • Up to 80 Supercontainers
    • First 30 Supercontainers – 200 Festive tokens each
    • Remaining 50 Supercontainers – 400 Festive tokens each
  • Other rewards that are available for Festive tokens: Common, Special and Rare economic bonus containers and packs of signals.

The list of Tier VIII ships that can be obtained with the 50% discount coupon: Siliwangi, Z-35, Fenyang, Ochakov, Loyang, Hampshire, Le Terrible, Tiger 59, Wichita, Gascogne, Irian, Saipan, Vanguard, Pyotr Bagration, Kidd, and Rochester.

In case you already have Bayard, you will instead receive a 100% discount coupon for Tier VIII ship from the above-mentioned list.


On a Retro Wave container content

5% chance to receive the following reward:

  • Permanent bonus package Tier VIII

45% chance to receive one of the following rewards:

  • Permanent bonus package Tier V
  • Permanent bonus package Tier VI
  • Permanent bonus package Tier VII

50% chance to receive one of the following rewards:

  • Seven Seas permanent camouflage for Sinop.
  • Seven Seas permanent camouflage for Eendracht.
  • Seven Seas permanent camouflage for Mahan.
  • Sixth Game Anniversary permanent camouflage for Lyon.
  • Sixth Game Anniversary permanent camouflage for Yorck.
  • Sixth Game Anniversary permanent camouflage for Zara.
  • Sixth Game Anniversary permanent camouflage for Akatsuki.
  • Sixth Game Anniversary permanent camouflage for Schors.
  • Sixth Game Anniversary permanent camouflage for Gadjah Mada.
  • Congratulatory permanent camouflage for Kiev.
  • Congratulatory permanent camouflage for New Orleans.
  • Congratulatory permanent camouflage for Charles Martel.
  • Congratulatory permanent camouflage for Z-23.
  • Congratulatory permanent camouflage for Monarch.
  • Legend of the Oceans permanent camouflage for Anhalt.

If you already have all the camouflages that can be obtained from the container, you will instead receive 10,000 Coal.

This year, we want to renew our approach to the event and update the rewards, as well as the ways in which you can earn them.
In the past, the event structure was completely tied to the number of Tier X ships players had in Port. However, as the game progressed, more opportunities to obtain Tier X ships appeared, therefore we decided to shift the focus toward a different reward distribution and different Tiers.
Now, besides the supercontainers, players will be able to obtain Bayard (or another Tier VIII ship if a player already has Bayard), rare economic bonuses, a new container with economic packages and festive camouflages, as well as a special coupon for the Armory.
Now, even those who don’t have an entire fleet of Tier X ships in Port can get the most valuable rewards, since you can earn tokens on any ship starting from Tier V.

As a part of the celebration, a commemorative flag, a patch and three commanders with unique voiceovers will be added to the game. Also, the Designer’s Table port has been decorated for the occasion.

World of Warships’ 8th anniversary will also bring Tier IX European Battleship Karl XIV Johan and its permanent camouflage to the game.

So, Captains, anchors aweigh! Let’s make this birthday the most memorable yet!

Airship escort in Random Battles

In Update 12.8, Airship Escort will become available as one of the possible game modes in Random Battles. Since Airship Escort had two previous iterations as a separate Battle Type, the new game mode should be familiar to many players.

Airship Escort mode will have the following changes and improvements:

  • The airship route has been changed on the following maps: Hotspot, Islands of Ice, Sea of Fortune, Shards, Shatter, Trident, Warrior’s Path, and Estuary.
  • Spawn points have been changed on the following maps: Hotspot, Islands of Ice, and Shards.
  • Added a personal indicator to show that your ship is in the airship’s zone, and the airship’s current speed. The indicator will also show the number of allied ships that are present in the zone.
  • Rewards for accelerating and slowing down the airship will become a part of the common economy of Random Battles.

Airship Escort was well received by our community, however, there were some concerns over its implementation into Random Battles. We have heard the community feedback and will actively monitor the introduction of Airship Escort into Random Battles. If necessary, we will be able to reduce the frequency of the Airship Escort game mode in Random Battles, as well as reduce the number of maps in which this mode can appear. Our goal is to add variety to random battles without adding long queue times for an additional game mode, and we will re-evaluate this over time as we actively curate our Random Battle playlists.

Bounty Hunt improvements

While the new update brings improvements to the Bounty Hunt event, the event itself is not in the plan for Update 12.8 nor the next couple of updates due to other incoming events. Players will now be able to accept or reject the role of a Bounty in Port.
Additionally, visual improvements about allied Bounty ships were added.

Four new achievements will be added to the game:

  • At Gunpoint – Win and survive 5 battles as a Bounty ship.
  • Counterpunch – Destroy four enemy ships in a single battle as a Bounty ship.
  • Matter of Honor – Destroy an enemy Bounty ship while being a Bounty ship yourself.
  • Fire on myself – Receive 1,000,000 potential damage and be in the top 3 of your team by Base XP earned. Allied Bounty ships must survive the battle.

The conditions for obtaining the Seek and Destroy achievement have been changed. Now, the achievement gets unlocked if a player destroys an enemy Bounty ship while the player is not a Bounty ship.


Starting with Update 12.8, players will be able to auto-buy signals individually in the equipment window of the Port. The auto-buy feature is turned off by default but can be simply switched on. Once players run out of the signals, they will be able to replenish them by using credits.

Additional content added to the game

  • U.S. Naval Institute flag, In the name of progress flag, Rookie Patch, Towards the Universe patch, In the name of progress patch, For Meritorious Service patch.

  • Commanders CaoCao, LiuBei and SunQuan with unique voiceovers, which are inspired by Chinese literature – Romance of Three Kingdoms.
  • Mengchong flag, Louchuan flag, Three kingdoms patch.

  • Mengchong with similar parameters to Ägir but with a unique appearance.

  • Louchuan with similar parameters to Lion but with a unique appearance.

  • Retrofuturism themed commanders Mikhail Orlov, Anton Grant, and GM-22D.

  • Scarlet Thunder, which visually resembles Duncan but has different parameters and unique permanent camouflage.

  • Permanent camouflages for Delny and Preussen.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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