WoT Supertest: Object 452K Detailed Stats

Object 452K (USSR, Tier-10, HT, promotional)

Average damage: 560/560/700
Average armor penetration (mm): 260/320/65
Rate of fire (rounds/min): 4,17
Loading of the gun (sec): 14,38
Turret Traverse Speed (deg/s): 20,86
Hull Traverse Speed (deg/s): 31,29
Gun elevation/depression (deg): -7/20
Aiming time (sec): 2,4
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,38
Average damage per minute: 2336
Strength (HP): 2300
Hull Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 120/70/50
Turret Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 120/130/60
Track Repair time (sec): 12,03
Weight / maximum weight of the machine(t): 55/58
Engine power (hp): 750
Specific power (hp/t): 13,64
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 35/15
Stationary vehicle camo (%): 17,96/3,23
Camo in motion (%): 8,95/1,61
View Range (m): 390

photo_2023-08-11_17-19-21 photo_2023-08-11_17-19-23 photo_2023-08-11_17-19-24

Crew of 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Loader; Driver.
Role in combat: Assault Heavy Tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

12 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Object 452K Detailed Stats

  1. Next Campqign tank?

    279e is supposed to get 320 HEAT and so does this thing. And all Campaign tanks are Russian Tier 10

      1. ah yeah dont you dare to try to use your brain after you think, or you will end like this dude writting dumb things

      2. These comments are so daft. So what if it is on supertest? Does it make sense to you for a heavy tank to have the same camo of a medium? Common sense tells me such a stat should’ve never been there to begin with.

      3. He’s right having more camo then a Med or light is over powered. But I see it being 3 time less.

        1. You’re the joke. Because if this tank was balanced then you’d be here crying how shitty it is and that nobody will want it.

  2. Yea they said after they nerf chief and 279e they going to release a 3rd set of personal missions . My guess this will be the reward . They say the missions will be easier also . Witch i think is fine . But please make sure its balance WG

  3. Gun looks average, even if it gets good stabilization numbers.
    Speed is slow, even with Turbo, even if it gets +4 topspeed Lv7 Field Mod, might be a bit better than 60TP if its ground resistance stats are good.
    Turret looks impenetrable.
    Hull is pretty bad, huge LFP, badly angled shoulders.
    Camo doesn’t matter, even with those stats, you get less than 20%, which is not enough to outspot anything. Try to play with bushes and you will get punished.
    They will buff this thing soon.

    1. Oh this thing is an Assault HT, so it gets the Padding Removal, +2 topspeed at the cost of taking much more dmg/stun from clickers.

    2. I guess , it won’t be getting much of the Armour buff, just like they did it for kpz 07,but i guess i saw it on armor petrol website, as a tier ix tank , so the side cheeks of the shoulders might get buff. a low profile tank, also a bit tricky to shoot , but weirdly good pen on prem ammo. I think it would be either for the assembly shop, or most possibly the campaign reward. However, if assembly shop is considered , then it wont be considered for the armor rebuff imo.

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