WoT Supertest Preview: Potential Update 1.22 Changes

Update 1.22 promises to be one of the year’s major updates, containing exciting developments such as British wheeled medium tanks, a new Onslaught Season, Battle Pass Season XII, vehicle adjustments, map changes, and more. These new features are currently being evaluated by our Supertesters, but you can soon try all the changes in the upcoming Common Test 1.22.

British Wheeled Medium Tanks

The brand-new British wheeled medium tanks are almost ready to leave their track marks on the battlefield. These six agile vehicles with powerful armament are once more being put through their paces ahead of their Common Test debut.

Onslaught: A New Season

The popular competitive game mode with thrilling 7v7 matches in Tier X vehicles flies in on the back of a winged horse. The mode will see several significant adjustments, including an updated Ranked System with Qualification, new season-themed vehicle customization, several new maps, and more.

Battle Pass Season XII

Return to the eerie town of Mirny-13 in the upcoming Battle Pass. The story will be a prequel of sorts to the much-loved Halloween mode, with progressive styles for the XObject 140 , the XM-V-Y , and the XJagdpanzer E 100 . Get ready to face the unexpected and the unexplainable.

Proposed Changes to Vehicles

Based on their battle performance and community feedback, the Supertest and the Common Test will introduce adjustments to several mid-tier, Premium, Tier X, and Reward vehicles. Check out our dedicated article for more details.

Proposed Changes to Maps

Map adjustments of various depths are being considered for Update 1.22 to improve map balance, gameplay variety, and tactical versatility. It will see extensive reworks of Mountain Pass, Fisherman‘s Bay, Studzianki, and Oyster Bay, medium-scale changes to Murovanka, Cliff, and Live Oaks, and minor tweaks to Lakeville, Ensk, and Siegfried Line.

Learning to Play With Stories

Single-player PvE stories will replace the current Bootcamp as an introduction for new players to World of Tanks.

WoT Plus Expanded

A daily login bonus will be added to the list of WoT Plus benefits.

Auto-Flipping Tanks

A new gameplay mechanic will allow toppled vehicles to flip back over by themselves after a fixed period.

Many changes, improvements, and developments are in the works on the Supertest server and will soon hit the Common Test for everyone to try. Keep an eye out for further details, including all the information you need to participate in Common Test 1 of Update 1.22 next week.

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