WoT: The “Real” Reasons Behind the T95/FV4201 Chieftain & Object 279 (e) Nerfs

Why Nerf the most coveted Tier10 Reward Tanks?
According to WOT Express, WG does this for a reason, of course.

1. T95/FV4201 Chieftain – To start distributing it at EVERY Clan Wars Campaign event without being afraid of anything, and not like now.
2. Object 279 (e) – Simplification of personal missions on it before introducing more. (development has not even begun yet, do not wait!)

source: WOT Express donators only article shared by rykoszet.info

15 thoughts on “WoT: The “Real” Reasons Behind the T95/FV4201 Chieftain & Object 279 (e) Nerfs

  1. Not going to lie, thought WG was listening to the players for once. Guess not. Anyone know where to get legitimate banned mods? Probably the easiest way to permanently get rid of my account…

    1. I will buy your account for 4 euros.
      We use them to rig games if that okay with you then pm me in game

  2. The text in the above article didn’t even make sense.
    An AI bot could write something better.

  3. It seems legit, especially for the Chief. WG wanted to have the Chief as a reward for the CW campaigns and the only way to bring it back (without a massive rant by the playerbase), is to nerf it so it’s good, but not straight up OP as hell.

  4. When WG takes absurd amount of time to make some small stats changes, people go with “theories”.
    Can somebody enlighten me what this is for? XDDD

    1. so you uninstalled the game but you keep reading and writing on the forums? either you’re stupid or you’re lying….

  5. Everyone should not have either, if you’re not good enough then you don’t get one. Just as bad as giving sub-600 wn8 players a tier X, they need to stay in lower tiers until they learn the game.

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