WoT Supertest Preview: Vehicle Changes and Rebalances

Over the years, we have seen many changes in World of Tanks. Some vehicles became less popular or didn’t adapt well, while others benefitted excessively from developments. That’s why we will tweak the values of the most affected vehicles to maintain fairness, rekindle interest in underachieving ones, and keep overpowered ones in check.

Currently, our plans encompass vehicles of all types (standard, Premium, and Reward), all classes except SPG, and Tiers V to X. The changes will first be introduced to the Supertest for evaluation and are still far from the live game. Nevertheless, we would like to share our initial plans to gather your valuable feedback before the changes are implemented in a future update.

The Supertest is a closed test environment for preliminary testing of new features, vehicles, balance changes, and more. It is part of the early game development process and is only accessible to selected Supertesters.

Vehicles Considered for Rebalancing

We continuously monitor the battle performance of all vehicles. The ones selected have shown a need for core adjustments to either enhance their efficiency or reduce their overperformance. They were also frequently identified by the community as candidates for revisions.

The following vehicles will receive value changes for the Supertest:

Reward Vehicles

The feedback regarding the T95/FV4201 Chieftain and the Object 279 early has been extensive, and the number of these tanks in the game is growing over time. The data confirms that both are currently overperforming to a degree they often decide the outcome of battles—due to their stats, but also to the skill of the players that managed to obtain these reward vehicles. Considering the value of these tanks, the decision to adjust their parameters is not an easy one, but it is still long overdue.

The proposed stat adjustments are to make competition fairer—while ensuring the T95/FV4201 Chieftain and the Object 279 stay among the best Tier X heavies. While the Chieftain‘s mobility and firepower are to become less overwhelming, it will still be a mighty universal heavy, ideal for terrain-based play. Having a lesser top speed, DPM, and HP pool, the 279e will keep all of its armor. And even with their special round armor penetration reduced, both vehicles are able to demonstrate great battlefield performance, and thus keep the status they earned with the community.

Reward vehicles will remain a worthy acknowledgment of the time and effort spent to acquire them while ensuring fair competition and fun gameplay for everyone.

Tier X

  • The Object 268 Version 4 is considered one of the highest-performance machines in its class and boasts impressive capabilities that make it hard to resist.
    • However, reducing some of its characteristics will allow other vehicles to compete more effectively against it. In addition, the vehicle’s chassis rotation will be improved, allowing it to respond more quickly to situations while maintaining its impressive firepower.
  • The popularity and battle performance of the WZ-113G FT are significantly below our expectations, especially compared to similar tank destroyers.
    • The updates include improvements to its efficiency and overall gameplay experience.
    • The aim is to increase its competitiveness compared to other vehicles at this level.
  • The Vz. 55 is one of the top-performing Tier X heavy tanks and is seen increasingly often on the battlefield.
    • Its impressive features make it a formidable opponent that can significantly impact the outcome of a match. However, many players perceive certain characteristics of the vehicle as too powerful. These aspects will be reworked to lessen this effect.
  • The ST-II has been significantly underperforming and has lost popularity since its introduction to the game.
    • The updates include improvements to its efficiency and overall gameplay experience.
    • The aim is to increase its competitiveness compared to other vehicles at this level.


  • We diligently track the performance of standard vehicles. Based on our analysis and community suggestions, the selected Tier V to VIII vehicles are in need of improvements, and we will continue to monitor the vehicles for future adjustments.

Premium Vehicles

  • We have identified several Premium vehicles that need updates to improve their gameplay experience and performance. Moving forward, we will keep a close eye on these much-loved vehicles and possibly make further adjustments.

What do you think of these proposed changes and improvements? Did we miss any vehicle that should receive an overhaul? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for further developments and more details in the future.

Roll Out!

60 thoughts on “WoT Supertest Preview: Vehicle Changes and Rebalances

  1. They are addressing one of the biggest assets of the Tier 10 cancer which is speed, a great start.

    1. Idk if this is a sarcasm or not
      But I do think the cancerous part of those 2 is armor layout at least

      1. Not sarcasm, you just suck at reading. 🙂

        And yes, the armour too is a major issue, but at the very least with the speed nerf these tanks won’t be able to race to key positions as fast as they do now.

  2. Turtle 1 will be insane after the buff. Basically there will be no point in playing ts-5 anymore. Thank god I got a turtle from one of the events where they put it for auction. This thing will be insane, can’t wait.

  3. when going 1vs1 against 279e im not scared of its mobility im scared of its hull. nerf that armour and we will be ok.

          1. Right, a 279 will let itself be facehugged and expose its unsloped upper plate. I see them do that all the time. /s

            That’s not a weakspot by the way, a weakspot is something like a cupola or a lower plate… oh wait!

  4. After this nerf I finished to do 279 missions. I wont invest so much time for another ordinary crap like obj 260.

      1. MFer really called a 260 “Ordinary”. Like bruh thats the good one. 279e is not worth it for all the braindead missions requirements

        1. It just shows how different the standards of normal players and sweaty nerds are in this game.

  5. so now tehy decided to buff amx 65t after they just recently nerfed it so why did u nerf it in the first place how out of touch can u be with ur game

    1. It receiving some nice buffs is what matters the most. And about time, the French single shot branch only existed when the M4 54 was OP and tryhard retards spammed it all the time.

  6. I’m just wondering if any changes to the Vz. 55 will also apply to the Gothic Warrior…

    1. There is zero reason that they shouldn’t, it would make no sense to nerf the tech tree vehicle and leave the copy paste “premium” in the same over performing state

  7. fucking beautiful. I don’t think i really disagree with a single balance change here, which is 1) unbelievable and 2) amazing

    1. Yup, the only thing to comment on is they could do slightly more with some vehicles. I think the ST-II, WZ-113G FT and M41 Walker Bulldog will still struggle.

      But maybe they tweak those further before its reaches the live servers. Otherwise this looks amazing, and its going to be so much fun listening to all the Chief and 279e crybabies LUL

      1. Sure, but taking baby steps is a waaay better approach than overbuffing a tank in one go (looking at you, AMX M4 54).

  8. wheres the type 5 and e50m? also nerf that hull please … 279e is too stronk now lol chief cant pen it anymore xD

    1. They’re both pretty decent machines. If there’s an issue, it’s user error far more often than not

  9. My Biggest Problem with the Churchills is that they have the front weakspot where you can just get tracked and damaged even if at a flat 90° angle.

  10. Complete awesome changes. Wish they were more… I still expect buffs for the Japanese super HTs – O-Ni’s gun still s*cks a$$. I stopped from three-marking it ’cause it was too much pain and lacked even a gram of fun!

    Also, these would be noice, too, WG:
    – buffs to AMX 50 100 gun; since the tier 9 and 10 deal 1600 dmg / drum, reduce the 6300 to a 5320 magazine. Also, an intra-clip reload of 2.5 seconds would be really cool.
    – for AMX 50 120, change the intra-clip reload from 3.33 seconds to a just 3 seconds. The difference between the tier 9 and 10 is huge nowadays…
    – more alpha for Churchill 7 and more penetration for VK 45.02 A.

    Hats off to WG for rebalancing the tier 10 omega-OP tanks. Bye bye to the Vz 55 players with the new 2.5 seconds. This was expected for a while. Even skill4ltu said the same stuff while three-marking at the very beginning.

  11. These are surely good changes BUT we should not be this hyped since these changes should have come way sooner.
    It’s just a typical move that all big companies do: bad stuffs then fixing them -> people rejoice.
    I can tell you that even with those nerfs to the Chieftain & 279e, it’s not enough to address their problems entirely.
    The most important thing that needs to be fixed is the matchmaking, which still stay untouched.
    With that being said, just stay calm and do not let them manipulate you until good things actually hit the live servers.

    1. Bruh why are you always like this. I agree that we should hold our breath until they hit live servers, and also agree the nerf to chief and 279 shouldve come earlier. But saying that the changes shouldn’t be hyped is kinda wack, since these are very good changes, regardless of how late they are.

      Also, the nerfs def wont be enough to make the chief and 279e uncompetitive, but it will make them a good bit worse. 2.2k dpm is just slightly less than the dpm of a maus, like thats pretty tragic. 311 apcr is not great either. Also being 40 kph means that you will get to positions a good bit slower than most heaviums. Similar story for the 9e, its going to be harder to get into annoying positions. Armor still gonna be good but its going to be harder to just break though lines.

      1. Bruh, I’ve been driving some of these vehicles over five years ago and they were already shit even in experienced hands back then. They haven’t changed or adressed any of the issues for much longer than just those five years, in some cases even since release of the vehicles. They get praise when they deserve it and once they implemented the changes, but until then, WG can go fuck itself.

      2. This asians dudes lifeblood is crying about everything WG does, he litteraly doesnt enjoy the game anymore he just spends his time bitching about it on this webbsite. And the dude is extremly delusional, hes barrely better than fucking Quickybaby and he thinks hes an all knowing good and that his opinions are fact because of his stats.

        I’ve never seen a dude this delusional ever in my life.

      3. There’s no doubt a nerfed tank will perform worse.
        I said “it’s not enough”. Those 2 tanks will still be the same apex tanks in frontline, being invincible when you do your job properly.
        A bit of top speed nerf doesn’t make that much of a difference for tanks that just go 1 flank and destroy everyone else.
        A bit of DPM nerf surely slows their grind but again, not that much since their ALPHA stays the same.
        Those pen nerfs make absolutely no difference as they still can pen you just like they did before, it’s nothing more than a stats. Yeah you don’t need to tell “Maus & E100 will have a better time being a meatball”.
        These nerfs are good steps in the right direction, but not enough.
        WoT is over a decade old, I assume you know what this means.

    2. BUT we should not be this hyped since these changes should have come way sooner

      True, but they are still coming so – better late than never.

      1. Better late than never yes, BUT there’s another but: time is limited, and these changes are only stats changes, which don’t even take that much of time.
        It’s still not TOO LATE for WoT but nobody knows when it will be too late.
        Only some stats changes which don’t even make that much of a difference already take this insane amount of time.
        To be honest, I don’t even know why people are this hyped.

    3. Resident CCP representative is back talking usual shit
      Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me from Asia why do you even play?

    4. exactly . they can change all the tanks they want until the fix the core of the game random mm nothing will change . agreed . this is what i said . although the changes are good also

  12. I like pretty much all changes, though I’ll make a couple of remarks:
    – the Turtle and AT15 got overbuffed, either improve the speed, or the firepower, NEVER both, especially on a TD;
    – Chief’s nerfs are fine, but 279e had to have some dispersion nerfs, as well;
    – Obj. 268/4 and Vz 55 will be brought down to Earth finally;
    – I like T69 as it is now and I guess I’ll love it even more in the future (buffs are exactly where this tank needed them).

    All in all, so happy to see this happening (maybe one day we’ll see some premium tanks nerfed who knows?), but I won’t let myself get overhyped because it’s only Supertest, everything is subject to change.

    1. Dude, it’s freaking 5km/h. It goes 25km/h now. It’s not borasque level of speed, it still slow af

      1. Dude, TS-5 has 26 km/h top speed. And all of TS-5, AT 15 and Turtle are assult TDs, meaning they get the same field mods. So with this top speed buff AT 15 and the Turtle will just become British TS-5s with lower alpha. Do you want two more TS-5s in the game?

  13. Regarding the Chieftain, I think some turret armour nerfs would be nice as well – make it 370-380 effective turret armour at some spots, so that some tanks and TDs at least stand a chance of penetrating it frontally with gold ammo.

    1. In order to retain the Chieftain & 279e’s trademarks, their armor layouts must stay the same.
      They should nerf their gun reliability instead of some “more than enough” stats of other areas such as top speed & pen.
      Either alpha or gun handling nerf would be better than the combined nerf of both top speed & pen.

  14. damn, I’m 3 mission away to get the Obj279e, still struggling to do them, I have 8 orders waiting to unlock the other 3 lines ( the 9th order I need to get from mission 15) and it feels bad that they want to nerf Obj 279e, so much efforts and will not enjoy like other people did so many years….frustrating indeed….

  15. Penetration creeps on for the yank meds as well then. Pershing getting the 212 pen that was once FCM 50t’s specialty.

    That said, Churchill just needs a sprocket armor buff and it’s fine.

    1. Agree for FCM, but tell me, how would this have been any special even in the past, since ARL 44 has FCM 50t’s gun with 212 mm AP pen at tier 6?

  16. What shocks me is all these discussions about little buffs/nerfs of useless features when instead playing at 25% RNG…..

    But what are we talking about?????

    1. Right!, after all these years, they can’t fix the game. And now WG starts building another broken game. That in itself is a joke, if you can fix what you have, don’t make another.

  17. Can you just stop adding fake and paper tanks to the game? You have vast tech trees that could be added with halftracks and more wheeled vehicles. Real vehicles that fought alongside tanks and did just as well. You lost me a Chinese Rocket powered tanks.

  18. Bullshit!!! V4 have again debuff, fck it man, soon will have less HP than a tyre8. Do more tanks better, don’t cut the good ones (I don’t have chief or 279, but where it will be the eager to win them if you fck them?)

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