WoT: Roadmap Highlights – World of Tanks Anniversary 2023

8 thoughts on “WoT: Roadmap Highlights – World of Tanks Anniversary 2023

  1. Ok I’ll bite. Links don’t work, came back 12 hrs later still don’t work. An explanation is in order. Not right day? Will announce later but put page up anyway? Job given to new guy and he FUBAR it?

    1. Sorry, I just noticed that at the moment, only the links for an actual ongoing event work, so for example on the official WG Roadmap Highlights page you can claim a “Reward” only from the “Roadmap Highlights: July” tab at the moment.

    2. @merle the only new person here is you.
      Your the new Muppet who things anything made by WG will actually work 😂

  2. I hope there will be equipments/consumables discount – I need them badly and have many credits in stock!

  3. Clicked 5 boxes and gave me some french emblems and decals. Came back day after and it doesnt record the ones from day before. So picked another set of 5 boxes and got more french emblems and decals. Seems to be the same things each day

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