WoT: Chieftain & 279(e) Nerf Rumours

According to WOT Express, the nerfing of the strongest Tier X tanks soon will begin. It’s unknown whether these leaks are true because there aren’t any official statements from WG about it yet, although WOT Express is the most reliable source of WoT leaks.

37 thoughts on “WoT: Chieftain & 279(e) Nerf Rumours

  1. They also ended the last roadmap video by saying “I want to asure you we are working on the very sensitive and important topic constantly, which is vehicle rebalancing.” which could be a hint at this.

  2. I believe 279e is getting proper weak spots and a slightly nerfed gun in exchange for the reserve track mechanic. This is just my gut feeling. No proof on this.

    1. Reserve track would make it more unique besides “It’s a vehicle with no real frontal weakspot or lower plate” so I’d be all for that. Biggest hope is that the nerfs are substantial enough to change the competitive meta, because something like 5 years of “I need 7 chieftains, 3 279es, 2 ebrs, and 3 907s” got really stale a long time ago.

      1. Thats partially clans dont wanting to use other tactics than the easy one. Clans hate to think. In the other hand EBR make arty indefensible so no arty means better game for hulldown tanks.

        1. It’s not that other tanks aren’t viable for different strategies, the chief just fills every role needed, giving a lot of flexibility to tactics

  3. Holy fcking shit??? WG is listening??? Who could ever expect this day to come? =))))))
    It’s undoubtedly a very good sign but still, it’s rumors and might not come true.
    So let’s stay calm and not overhype until it actually happens.
    If it actually happens then they will probably nerf these 2’s gun & mobility while leaving their armor layouts the same. This way they remains their purposes and not be the same farming machines like what they are doing right now.
    I expect these 2 tanks, if they get nerfed, will still be on top of everything else, just not by a massive difference that they currently have.

  4. what are the timing chances when there are assembly shop JUST right in front of us?
    surely it’s not a “coincidence” right…

  5. Chief and 279 aren’t the biggest problems.

    Skoda T56, 703-II, Bourrasque, BZ-176, EBR75 10FL, Even 90, Iron Arnie and some other totally overpowered tier 8 premium tanks are ruining the game. WG should balance this sh*t first and not hard earned reward tanks.

    1. I will go more into detail of your list: Bourrasque is completely fine as it is. Ebr is fine as long as players have good internet connection (which lot of the time is not the case), it has shit vr and HE is irrelevant, and its actually easy to hit once you get the grip. Skoda is pain to play against and my understanding is it has blind gun so its a pain to play with…so yes this one is OP on similar level of old time defender. Bz OP. Iron Arnie, very good tank and arguably the most OP of the list, since it can hit target reliably and can bounce reliably even tier 10s. EVEN is fine in a world where players understand spotting mechanics and can pinpoint the bush where it sits. Which they dont, but its def not OP.

      1. Iron Arnie is pretty anemic, its gun handling is just not good. Its armor is nice but it has clear weak points that are penned by any tier (which is a good thing). The lack of gun handling and dpm really hurt it though. Theres a reason the requirements for the 3 mark is under 3k, whereas a similar tank like the 122tm needs 3.1k for its 3 mark

      2. No ebr is not fine. It dont follow the laws of physics and their 360 rotation is retarded.

  6. Those cancer tanks have plagued the game for too long, WG should’ve woken from their vodka stupor much sooner. Still glad they’re getting nerfed though, it might make Tier 10 playable again.

  7. hope these news are bullshit! no need nerf any of those 2 tanks! I need 3 more mission to do to unlock Obj279e, I want to play with it and enjoy it and spend my frustrations over the years….

    1. So everyone should suffer for you to have some joy driving over some T8-10 bots? Hell no, success should be based on skill and fair chances for everyone. No doubt reward tanks shall be strong, but not braindead broken.

      1. not everyone, cause many people dont have problems with these tanks, they know how to pen them, as you said, based on their skills, but why after so hard work for me to get it, to not enjoy the hardest tank to get in this game? why I have to play with it when it will not worth it ( in case they nerf it)

        1. many people dont have problems with these tanks, they know how to pen them, as you said, based on their skills

          Sure, let me load my 340/400 pen HEAT, damn I’m such a pro… /s

        2. Well Im not saying, u cant pen 279 - especially when you know where to shoot. I just think - under consideration of the current MM and mapdesign its to strong in most sitiuations. Fo me it wouldve been enough to make its bellyarmor overmatchabel for 120mm+ and to enlarge one of its cupolas a bit. So u cant just bot in front of and above a horde of players without them having a chance to pen. And of course only T10 matchmaking for Rewardtanks 😉

          1. This sounds the most reasonable, it even came to the game with 30mm belly if i recall correctly.

  8. Nothing concrete yet, but the fact that WG is even rumored to do this is amazing. WG has been making a lot of good strides in the past two years especially, apart from a couple very questionable decisions, and this would just be another great step forward.

    For the people against any nerfs against them, i understand that a lot of players have spend a lot of resources or time to obtain these vehicles, but the truth is that they are unhealthy for the meta and should be nerfed for the sake of the overall health of the game.

    As to how they might get nerfed, its hard to say. Personally, i don’t they would touch them that much to avoid backlash from players who already own these tanks. I could see gun handling nerfs to the chief, maybe a dpm nerf, or a combination of both. Idk if they would touch the armor model that much but best case scenario is that they give it the chieftan proto’s cupola. For the 279e, I think it would be ideal if they reversed the belly armor buff so that its actually overmatchable again, so that it can’t just angle up slightly and be impossible to deal with effectively

  9. Nerfing the Chieftain and the Object 279e is overdue. It is amazing to see just how long it took WG to realize that rewarding the best players with the strongest tanks is peak idiocy.

    In other news, I agree that OP premium tanks also need to be nerfed badly, above all the supremely stupid BZ-176. Unfortunately, I can’t see WG doing that anytime soon.

    1. LOL people thinking wg doesnt know something for “so long” while they have every data in their disposal gotta be my most favourite part of the dummy wot community. Man…its BY DESIGN. They know about EBR, they know about high pen heats, and they know about op premium/reward tanks. They literally have all the numbers and they wont change shit, because that would meant less time spent on a game, less money earned. Now they see their numbers and that its finally feasible to play a good guy, mm is flooded enough with the tanks to twinkle their stats. Its not a science to understand. Its a corporate not your friend that wants to have fun playing some tankies.

  10. People think if they nerfing good tanks problem will solved.. :D:D what a joke! its nothing will change because the playerbase will be the same… too much bad player so its nothing will change in the turbo battles… WG should spend more time on this to make better MM.. Btw 279 isn’t that tank what you can’t deal with it..

  11. most players dont understand why the tanks should get nerfed in the first place. It is boring as hell, nobody wants to play chief or 279. But everyone needs to, to be competitive in Clan wars etc. This sign should be more than enough to nerf them. Anyone that doesnt understand that is just not allowed to say anything. Look at all sides and Statistics. The tanks are in every Clanwars match, no other tanks are that dominant in competitive battles. I am happy if my tanks get nerfed. All of them can get nerfed, i dont care. If they are OP and perform better than others it is totally fine to nerf them or buff others. The problem with WG over the last decade were only getting new tanks with better stats because of the NO-Nerf premium tanks politic.

  12. Lol funny, no way they will nerve tanks that we have paid for, Nerfing is fine, when you get a option for full MONEY refund or accept the nerf

    1. You actually realized, that both the Chieftain and also the 279 did not cost a single Penny for the owners (if they did not use the “service“ of someone else to get it for them …)?

      So nerfing then would maybe offend the owners, but not from a legal point of view …

      And it would surely help in random battles, as at least one of the two is in almost in every tier 10 match.

      Limiting them to tier 10 battles only sounds also like nice idea, as other t10s have at least better chances. Rolling straight over t8s hat just absurdly stupid.

  13. There is nothing else to say here, other than to hope, that these changes make it in the live server in our lifetimes.

  14. You can learn how to pen both Chief and 279e. The BIG problem is WG, letting tomatoes have their X with 3000 and under PR. People with under 1k games in tier X, who never learned how to even play the game, WG removing half the tech tree, and running On Track. Blow up game in two minutes, then putting in tier VIII like the BZ as listed above. WG suka wants you to shoot gold at everything.

  15. I agree with some of what hotrocks says. Biggest prob I see in Tier X is they let anyone have them. Tier should be some statistic requirement; battle count, avg xp, avg dmg, etc. Something other than letting a 1k <1000 wn8 player in a Tier X that could essentially -1 your team of a gun in the game.

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