WoT Supertest: Type 63 Detailed Stats

Type 63 (Japan, Tier-8, HT, premium, automatic hydropneumatic suspension, gun cooling)

Survivability: 1400 HP
Engine power: 800 hp
Weight: 51.95 t
Power per ton: 15.4 hp/t
Maximum forward speed / reverse speed: 35 / -12 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 29.2°/sec
Turret traverse speed: 26.07°/sec
View range: 380 m
Signal range: 750 m
Hull armor: 80/55/40 mm
Turret armor: 175/120/50 mm

Damage: 360/360/440
Penetration: 230/290/60 mm
Rate of fire: 5.71
Average damage per minute: 2057
Reload time: 10.5 sec
Accuracy at 100m: 0.36 / 0.27
Aiming time: 2.4 sec
Gun elevation angles:-8°/+5° | -12°/+9° in mode
Side elevation angles: -10°
Cooling of the gun after firing: 13.56 sec

Siege mode:
• To switch to siege mode: <25 km/h
• To switch to normal mode: >25 km/h
• Change to mode: Automatic
• Hydropneumatic suspension tilt speed: 10.00 deg/sec
• Factor. engine damage in siege mode: 2.00

Crew 4 people: Commander (Loader); Gunner; Driver; Radio operator.
Role in battle: Universal Heavy Tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability

photo_2023-08-02_15-55-35 photo_2023-08-02_15-55-38 photo_2023-08-02_15-55-36

The tank has a hydropneumatic suspension depending on the speed of the tank. UDES 15/16 or STB-1 has a similar mechanic.

The new gun cooling mechanic looks interesting. But the time it takes to get the best accuracy is quite long (13.5 sec). It will be pointless in positional battles, but such situations will definitely arise and the chance to deal additional damage will increase.

📄“The Type 63 gun heats up when fired, and when it cools down completely, its dispersion improves slightly until the next shot.

The time of complete cooling of the gun exceeds the time of its reloading, so the dispersion improves after the preparation of the projectile for firing.

At the moment of activation of the improved dispersion, a second circle of information will appear in the player’s sight (smaller diameter, brighter, and more noticeable). After the appearance of the second circle, the gun will be brought to the lowest dispersion.

The player can shoot immediately after reloading, without waiting for the spread to improve, if they need to deal damage as quickly as possible, for example in close-range combat. But for a more accurate shot from medium and long range, it is better to wait.

So in addition to the hydropneumatic suspension, the dual aiming (cooling) system allows you to choose between high damage per minute or low dispersion depending on the combat situation.”

source: WOT Express

14 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Type 63 Detailed Stats

  1. Maybe the DPM is going to hold this back but i think it looks nice, armor is impossible to know but im gonna asume its going to be very effective fully hulldown. Speed is kinda mid but throw a bounty turbo on there and you’re good.

    Overall im excited for both this and the full tech tree

  2. Lets take a look at what stands out. So HP is tied lowest at t8 among heavies, which is not ideal. Gun depression is good, and having 10 over the sides is nice because the suspension isnt as effective over the sides. Gun overall seems quite nice, little low on dpm but .36 accuracy is great, and if you dont have targets for 3 seconds, then you can get down to .27 which is amazing. There’s going to be a lot of situations where that comes into play, especially when theres a lull in the battle. We have no idea what the stabilization looks like, which could affect things but with what we know, the gun seems really nice. Turret seems good, i can see potential weakspots where the turret raises up above the oscillating part, or under the gun potentially, which would be nice. Not very fast but makes up for it with its gun and if its turret armor is good, it should be fine, espesially with 15 p/w. Overall looks pretty decent, and visually looks sexy as hell

  3. The accuracy gimmick is promising, with it the tank can play both mid-range and long-range and that gives it versatility. I expect a lot of ignorant kids to flame Type 63 players when they stop to snipe though.

  4. I wonder if the gun’s cooling time will be reduced with Vents, Brothers in Arms, Food? I know it doesn’t make sense from reality perspective, but only God knows what WG might be thinking!

  5. Seems Wargaming do not listen when given feedback about crews and perks. This Commander is seriously overworked. If the commander is also the Radio Operator all he really needs from a perks point of view is situational awareness – as with another crewman allocated (as say loader plus RO) is not a big deal. Now the commander also needs intuition, safe-stowage, adrenaline rush as well as commander perks. This just adds a layer of complexity for those who are just casual players of the game

  6. So that gun. Kinda resembles a railgun with the magnets down the length. Or is it some sort of bracing to support against hight pressure?

    1. I’d guess the coils on top are supposed to be thermal radiators for the gun cooling system, with the spinal and dorsal ridges housing the coolant tubing.

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