WoT: Prepare to Assemble the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)!

From August 3 at 19:00 CEST through August 10, you’ll be able to use various resources to assemble the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E), an all-new Tier X German heavy. Just 75,000 of these limited-edition tanks will be crafted, and the first ~25,000 will be given the awesome Nummer 3D style with a number unique for your region. Prepare to park a universal soldier with a precise gun in your Garage and try to become number one!

Assembly Shop

From August 3, 2023, at 19:00 CEST
through August 10, 2023, at 1:00 CEST (UTC+2)*

The event may finish early if all vehicles are assembled before its scheduled end.
The Assembly Shop: How It Works
  • The Assembly Shop can be found in the game event section of the in-game Store.
  • Invest various game resources—Free XP, gold, blueprint fragments, bonds, and credits—to assemble the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E). You can choose how much of each resource to dedicate.
  • There will only be 75,000 tanks available to craft. The first ~25,000 players will receive not only the tank itself, but also the imposing Nummer 3D style for it, bearing an individual number. These numbers will be assigned to vehicles sequentially, from smallest to largest. With the 3D style applied, the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E) looks like a vehicle participating in active operations: it has a special camo and rubber sidescreens, and carries extra ammo, instruments, and crew members’ personal belongings.


kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_12 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_11 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_10 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_7 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_6 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_9 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_5 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_8 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_3 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_4 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_1 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_with_nummer_3d_2
  • Once all ~25,000 of the Nummer styles and accompanying tanks have been claimed, another 50,000 tanks will still be available for assembly in their standard configuration—without the 3D style and individual style number—until the end of the event, or until they run out.

Players returning to the game after a prolonged absence via the Back in Action Progression will not see the Assembly Shop flag at the top of their Garage screen, but will be able to enter the Assembly Shop via its in-game Store banner at any time.

Combine and Spend Different Ratios of Resources

To park the Kpz. 07 P(E) in your Garage, you can invest any, some, or all of the following five game resources:

Blueprint fragments can be used to complete up to 36% of the total vehicle assembly progress: 22% with national fragments, and 14% with universal.

Add resources throughout the event, or spend everything at once. There are plenty of combinations to fill the progression bar up to 100%. The best one for you will depend on the type and quantity of resources you have at your disposal.

How to Spend Your Resources Wisely

To use your available resources to the fullest, we recommend adding them in the following order:


Free XP is one of the most efficient resources, so consider using it first and for the bulk of your progression. It can be converted from Combat XP using gold, or earned in battles.

Gold is the most convenient resource. If you want to save time assembling the Kpz. 07 P(E), you can use gold to quickly fill up the progression bar.

Blueprint fragments can be used to fill up to 36% of the progression bar (14% with universal and 22% with national ones).

Bonds are a useful resource for assembling your vehicle, so consider investing them to fill up a significant part of the progression bar.

Credits are the least convenient currency compared to the other resources. Use them in two cases: if you have LOTS of credits, or if you have already spent all your other resources.

Resources are deducted as soon as you add them to the Assembly Shop, but you can reclaim or redistribute them at any time by clicking the Return Resources button. Track your progress on a special bar in the game event section of the Store. Once it reaches 100%, the Kpz. 07 P(E) will be credited to your account.

If you don’t manage to craft the Kpz. 07 P(E) by the end of the event, all the resources you have invested will automatically return to your account.

The Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)

The Kampfpanzer 07 P(E), or Kpz. 07 P(E) for short, was a prototype vehicle. With the exception of its dozer blade, it looks like one would expect a German tank of its time to look. But apart from its typically good gun handling, the Kpz. 07 P(E) is different from its armored brethren and is a thing in itself.

Coming from another period of history, the Kpz. 07 P(E) is unlike the “classic” top-tier German heavies. It has a smaller frame and mass, and is pretty mobile: its top forward speed of 50 km/h allows the Kpz. 07 P(E) to catch up with a pack of attacking medium tanks or reach a good position well before its opponents of the same vehicle type.

How to Play the Kpz. 07 P(E)

kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_8 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_6 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_7 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_4 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_5 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_9 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_12 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_1 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_10 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_2 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_3 kampfpanzer_07_p(e)_11

For the Kpz. 07 P(E), a good position is often a hull-down position. The maximum gun depression is –8°, and 190 mm of nominal armor at the front of the turret translates into much higher values because of its shape. You shouldn’t rely on the turret armor too much, though, as HEAT rounds of top-tier vehicles can still penetrate it. Some opponents may also pinpoint the vulnerable cupola, so don’t forget to wiggle. It’s more accurate to say that the protection of this tank comes as a bonus to its mobility, rather than the other way around.

The Kpz. 07 P(E)’s hull protection and base HP pool (2,200) are not as impressive as those of its heavy counterparts from the same nation, which are noticeably less agile than this newcomer. That said, its upper glacis plate is up to 160 mm thick and sloped, which makes it pretty bouncy and means it can be exposed from time to time.

All in all, the Kpz. 07 P(E) is not a full-fledged frontline fighter: though you can sometimes play that role with it, you’ll feel most comfortable as a versatile support vehicle that can snipe if needed. The Kpz. 07 P(E)’s 120-mm gun encourages this: its basic APCR shell travels at 1334 m/s and can penetrate 270 mm of armor, plus the base aiming time is 1.7 seconds and the base accuracy is 0.33. The average alpha damage is 410 points, and the base reloading time is 9.5 seconds. As a good proportion of your shots will score hits (see above), this means that your actual DPM will be pretty high, especially if you boost it with equipment. It’s worth noting the armor penetration of the HE shell (110 mm), which is enough to pierce many opponents from the sides. Finally, the base view range of 410 m is good for a heavy, even a top-tier one.

The Kpz. 07 P(E) is very versatile tactics-wise, offering a lot of choices on every map, and also has a universal appeal. The tanks previously available for crafting in the Assembly Shop are excellent machines too, but they require a special approach. The Kpz. 07 P(E) is interesting to play while also being convenient to handle and forgiving of random impulsive decisions taken in the heat of battle.

Prepare to recruit a trusty universal soldier on tracks, Commanders!

33 thoughts on “WoT: Prepare to Assemble the Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)!

  1. Stats of the finished product look really good, it might be a way for normal players to better fight against the Chieftain cancer.

    Expensive af though, at full price it’s 55k gold.

    1. What “normal” players can afford this insanely overpriced piece of pixels?
      You either have to pay ~3x the price of a triple A game or you have to buy full Battle Pass EVERY season + grind at least 1h EVERY day to get all of what you bought in order to be able to have enough resource for this single tank.
      In other words, pay A LOT or pay less + A LOT grinding time.
      Yeah, “normal” he said =)))))

      1. If I’m paying all that then I want the tank to be very good. Not some tech tree shit you’d be selling.
        And I can do what I want with my money. Just because you live in some disease infested shithole and have no money…

      2. WG makes these prices because they know people will pay them. For one guy who rages that they are greedy, a hundred willingly open their wallets to get their weekly adrenaline shots.

        By the way, what “normal” player pays 70€/USD for an unpolished, buggy, 3-hour long “AAA” game?

      3. So you’re saying something like Elden Ring is unpolished, buggy piece of shit? =)))))
        These guys talking like they’re rich as fuck who have no hesitation spending over 200$ on a single tank in a game that has 700+ tanks, okay, let’s make that 300? 400? tanks from tier 8-10 then.
        People want this or not doesn’t deny the fact this act of WG is not only greediness but ignorance in the same time.
        I don’t care if this company is doing something greedy, but if their acts make the game worse, that’s the difference.
        The Object 780 is such an unique tank, would not be exaggerated to say it “perfectly balanced”.
        The Lion is strong but insanely hard to make it work properly, so it’s still fairly balanced.
        But this Kpz07 PE? =))))))
        If you’re okay with whatever they put in your mouth then “enjoy” the game while you still can.
        Because sooner or later, if the game keeps getting worse, we all know where it will end up.

        1. WG are greedy disrespectful pigs, but they know how to make money better than anyone in this blog, the subreddit, or the forums. If premium tanks weren’t profitable do you think we’d have so many? Look at the Tier 8 roster for an easy example, majority of playable tanks are premiums. And we all know the servers will close one day, obsessing over that is like living daily life while thinking we’ll die at some point.

          So you’re saying something like Elden Ring is unpolished, buggy piece of shit? =)))))

          Elden Ring a piece of shit? No. Buggy and unpolished? If it wasn’t, why it gets patched?

          1. What are you even saying?
            Every game gets patched, that’s just how it goes.
            Not all triple A games worth their price, but there are a lot of them worth even more than their price.
            And what we’re going to get in WoT?
            A tank that makes the game worse at a price of 3 times or at least 2 times the price of the Deluxe/Ultimate Edition of something like GoW: Ragnarok.
            Are you WG employee?
            I can’t see otherwise you would NOT see this insanely ridiculous.
            The fact that there are so many people addicted to WoT and WG uses us as their cows only make this company even more disgusting.
            So just do not talk like it is what it is and we have to accept whatever they do.

          2. “if premium tanks werent profitable” – how could something that costs zero and sells for >zero ever be unprofitable?

  2. Good stats comparable to e5 and sconq, also a t10 german ht that isnt a super heavy. Looks fun to play and not extremely annoying to play against, which is always good.

    1. I would say “looks extremely fun to FARM” since this thing has almost S.Conq’s gun with even more versatile ammunition choices and close to MT mobility =))))
      This thing will peek and snap your cupola like there’s no tomorrow and at that moment, you’ll realize “it’s fcking idiotic to have tanks that can do everything in the game”.

  3. The standard of tier 10 has been raised once again, or should I say this straight in the face: they put another OP tank in the game to shit on, sorry, milk the fck… sorry, entertain all of us once again =)))))
    This is just ridiculous.
    What is this thing? A fairly well-armored, highly mobile, versatile tank with an accurate, high-dpm gun. In other words, another true MBT.
    You can do pretty much whatever you want with this thing.
    Personally, this thing looks like an ideal tank for me.
    But, seeing WG keeps putting bad changes into the game more and more often, I’m really not sure.

    1. We’ve def had this sort of convo before. The armor is decent, but susceptible to gold. Sidescraping is flat out not an option (the corner of the hull is not covered while sidescraping, and it has a raised engine deck), which is fairly limiting (against any decent player). The gun is good, quite comfortable gun handling, good accuracy and dpm, its pretty ideal. The mobility is good, but its a versatile heavy, so it doesnt get the +4 kph forward that makes things like the VZ, WZ, and 277 fast. With a bond turbo this thing goes a max of 56, which is quick but not overtly fast. Still in the upper echelon mobility wise. Other than that, it has 8 deg of gun depression, which is good but not great, 2200 hp, again good but not great. Decent ammunition and great HE. Its definitely strong, but not crazy.

      1. Who says sidescraping is not an option with this thing? What are you smoking sir?
        It has weakspots on the side yes, but those are SMALL. What does this mean?
        This means it can sidescrape whenever the distance allows.
        At what distance that allows you to sidescrape, learn it yourself.
        The turret on flat ground can be pened with gold yes, but again, it’s not like you’ll be penning it every single time, especially when the distance is a bit longer, let alone when using some of the gun depression.
        Not every tank has this thing’s accuracy.
        You’re saying a HT with that kind of armor layout, with that kind of gun, with almost 19 hp/t, 1.0 terrain resistance, and 56 km/h topspeed is okay? =))))))))
        I see that you’re clearly not a HT player and you don’t have full knowledge of what all these tools enable you to do.
        Let’s end this here.

        1. Sure at range you mitigate the chances, but the issue with weakspots like these is that you will ALWAYS expose it, and much before your gun comes around, so any decent player can take the shot, whether it hits or not, and then get back into cover before you can get your gun on them. On a hill, even with all 8 degrees of gun depression you cant hit your cupola fully, and your turret is STILL orange to 320 apcr. Additionally, on a ridge your hull is susceptible to high pen apcr straight through the shovel, which is especially not great because it allows tanks to overpeak slightly to get an ez shot into the hull.

          This things gun handling is comfortable but its not on par with e5 or sconq. Sconq has .12 on movement with the same good .10 on turret and better aim time. E5 is more comparable on movement, but its gun is super snappy because of its .6 turret dispersion. This thing is a decent step below that. You could probably get away without using vstabs, but be prepared to miss more than the other 2 with them.

          Once again, I don’t doubt itll be strong, it will be. But to say this thing is anywhere near chief level is just not right. And dont me started on not being a HT player, I’m a HT main that averages 3.5k+ on all my t10 heavies, which is more than enough i feel for my opinions to be valid. Not saying that I can’t be wrong, but this is just how I feel

          1. Have you ever played the T-832 sir? Do you even know what 1.7s base aim time feels like?
            The S.Conq/E5 has 2s base. Their blooms are a touch smaller when moving, but overall aim time is practically the same at close range. At long range, that 1.7s will show you how ridiculous it is.
            E5’s gun is super snappy? XDDD It is but not when you peek. It is only when you need to turn the turret to snipe a moving target, which not happen nearly often in its environment, frontline.
            “A 3.5k+ HT main” you said but you don’t even know how some of the most standard tier 10 HT work?
            I never said that this thing will be another Chieftain. Of course it will not be, it’s not that idiot-proof, but its potential is even higher than the Chieftain.
            There are only 2 tier 10 HTs that you can’t pen their turrets FRONTALLY: IS-7 & Chiefitain.
            Even the S.Conq can get pened straight in the face.
            Are you trying to say that WG did such a good job for implementing a tier 10 HT tank that is simply better than pretty much every tier 10 HT apart the Chieftain? =))))))
            You’re happy with the game being constantly powercreeped that much?

            1. Wow you really like to take everything I say to the extreme.

              Alright, so that difference in aim time, while nice, is offset by its slightly worse dispersion. If anything .32 accuracy lends itself better to shooting at range rather than the difference in aim time, at least in comparison to the e5’s .34. Not much difference there compared to the sconq.

              And saying that turret dispersion doesnt matter in front line? I wonder how you manage to play the front line while keeping your turret locked. Both forms of dispersion come into play at any range, but especially in front line where you are CONSTANTLY making adjustments, angling, wiggling, trying to make yourself harder to pen.

              And you mention that there are only 2 tanks that are impenetrable from the front. Ok, i agree. But that has nothing to do with this tank. The fact is that this things turret is NOT reliable against t10s. Its penned by gold through the cheeks quite easily. EVEN WORSE is that its turret is very long, with weak side armor. In fact, just a 15 degree angle makes the front of the turret penetrable by STANDARD rounds. Against multiple people in front of you on a ridge, where this thing’s armor shines the most, its nearly impossible to point your gun towards all the targets like you need to to make this things turret work.

              My argument was never that its not as strong as a chief. My argument is that its only as strong as an e5 and sconq, two VERY powerful tanks but I argue, not OP to any extent, and this will be even easier to play around than say an sconq

              1. Basically, all you tried to prove is “because this tank is not impenetrable so it’s not OP”.
                Okay, I’ll say this straight in the face: this thing will need at least 5k if not like 5.2k+ to get the 3rd mark.
                People can be inexperienced, some might have brain problems but only in a very small number.
                Hoping that anyone who can afford this tank to sit there for you to have properly aimed shots is just… let’s say “not so smart”.
                If you are a real HT player, you wouldn’t say such things like “peeking against multiple opponents”, even the Chieftain can’t do that.
                With a tank that has this kind of gun handling, all it needs is a brief moment to peek & snap the target.
                Have you ever played the Object 780? It has kinda same turret, 300mm cheeks easily pened by gold, worse gun, worse gun depression, worse mobility, burn like crazy.
                And how it performs?
                Do I even need to tell you?
                If believing something is not that good actually makes you feel better when you farm those tourists then it’s fine, doesn’t hurt anyone anyway.

                1. are you dense? Ofc the mark reqs are going to be high, a very large percentage of players getting this tank are going to be very good players. In fact, its exactly as you say with the obj 780. That tank is objectively not op, yet its mark reqs are sky high because the people who play it are good. I have no doubt this will be the same.

                  Your argument seems to change and devolve each time. “Even a chief can’t peek multiple targets”, uhh hello? On a ridge, it t has enough turret armor to generally have it be strong against everybody in front of it, because you need a considerable angle to ever pen even its side turret. This thing literally can’t, anybody just slightly to the left or right can easily pen. And if you think this thing just a moment to peek and shoot, you are delusional if you think the time it takes to peak and fire is not enough to give opponents ample time to fire back, especially when the weaknesses of the turret are this glaring. You simply cannot RELY on this turret to bounce. Not to say it isnt going to bounce a good amount of shells, but you can’t peek and expect not to get penned everytime.

                  You gotta understand that this things armor just flat out isn’t as good as something like the sconq. It trades that armor for speed, the ability to reposition. But it just isnt as good of a front line heavy as the sconq is. Its not as good of a brawler as the e5 is. It trades that ability for flexibility.

  4. It’s not that expensive. I have enough credits, bonds, xp and fragments to get this.
    The question is it doesn’t look that more interesting than 780 or Lion to be worth it

    1. I dont think its necessarily more interesting, but to me it looks fun to play. I enjoy the playstyle of good gunhandling heavies like e5 and sconq, and with good mobility it looks like my cup of tea. BUT if you arent sure if you’d enjoy it, i’d say keep your resources. Something like this you should be ABSOLUTELY sure you’d like it. There will always be other things to spend your resources on

      1. No sorry there’s no helpling you. You are a useless cúnt.
        You could help us though.. by not playing

      2. Buy a BZ 176 and spam 100% premium ammo and consumeables just like every other tryhard paytowin clown out there

  5. I really like the NFT thing with a unique number. And shovel of course!!

    But should i really spend 50k bonds? The rest i dont have.

    1. Spend em’ if you got em’. Some of my clannies have 100k+ bonds. Bond “whales” should def buy with bonds.

    2. Keep your bonds imo, it looks fun and unique, but its only really worth if you have a lot of free xp and blueprints to burn. Bonds is too valuable imo

    3. Spend them if you have everything else you would like.
      Many veterans have everything and vast fortunes.
      But there’s no point being the richest man in the graveyard as they say!!

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