WoT Supertest: Type 63

The first Heavy Tank from the new Japanese line will be soon coming to the Supertest!

Type 63 is a tier VIII heavy Japanese tank

Features of the new vehicle:

  • Double aiming mechanics
  • Hydropneumatic suspension
  • Excellent gun depression
  • Strong oscillating turret

The Type 63’s gun heats up when firing. After it’s fully cooled down, its accuracy improves until the next shot.

The gun’s cooling down time is longer than its reload time. This means when the gun is loaded but has not cooled down, then the improved accuracy isn’t activated.. When the improved accuracy activates, the player sees a second aiming circle, which is smaller, brighter, and more noticeable. This is the circle that will determine the shooting accuracy. After the second circle appears, it will still take some time for the gun to fully aim to its maximum available accuracy.

You can shoot immediately after reloading and not wait for improved aiming if you need to cause damage quickly, for example, at close range. But if you want to deliver a more precise shot at medium or long range, it’s better to wait.

The thickness of the frontal turret armor plates reaches 175 mm. The hull is protected more modestly: 80 mm in the front. Its total durability is 1,400 HP. The top speed is 35 km/h with a specific power of 15.4 hp/t.
The tank is armed with a 105 mm gun causing 360 HP of damage per shot. Its standard shell penetrates 230 mm of armor, while its special shell penetrates 290 mm. The dispersion is 0.28 m, and the aiming time is 2.5 s. The reload time is 10.5 s. Its view range is 380 m.

The tank’s hydropneumatic suspension, excellent gun depression, and strong oscillating turret make it a very dangerous opponent when it plays from hull-down positions. Additionally, the double aiming system offers a choice between high damage per minute and low dispersion depending on the combat situation.

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14 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Type 63

  1. Waiting for Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me from Asia to provide “expert” opinion based on these few test server stats. That will end in a rant against WG for something random that nobody cares about.

    1. He’ll probably comment on how easy or hard it’ll be to three-mark it, that is all that guy cares about.

      His rants against WG are hypocritical, he’s still playing the game after all. 🙂

  2. i’m wondering why all new heavy tanks are limited to 35 km/h, why can’t WG make other nations heavies able to go just as fast as the 277, IS-7, 260, hell even the IS-4 goes 43 km/h, it’s 52 tons not 100 tons

    1. Trying to make high speed heavies less common. I approve. They need to reduce the speed of a lot of heavies that don’t rely on their speed for victory and make sure they aren’t out speeding Mt and lt if their name isn’t is-7 or amx 50b or object 780. Or etc tank similar in type.

    2. Fast heavies are cancer, it’s one more reason why high tier gameplay is a joke. Also did you notice all the tanks you named are Russian? That’s the only nation with so many fast and heavily armored heavy tanks.

  3. Is the accuracy value in the picture with the gun fully cooled-down or is it just the base value

    1. I suspect fully cooled. If it were base, then the tank would easily overshadow some of the best snipers (i.e., Strv 103B, Grille 15, 114 SP2).

      1. Yeah if the base accuracy was already that good , then cooling-down the gun would be useless
        I expect the base accuracy to be at least 0.34

  4. They need to share the time it takes to fully aim the shot, so that we can calcualte the effective DPM in so to say “sniper-firing” mode

    1. Is this part of the line that quicklybaby is already crying about?
      Ranting about autoreloading salvo Japanese arty

  5. This tank s just gonna make type 5 line worthless to grind believe me. Even they buffed it its gonna be competitive as this thing

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