WoT: Roadmap Sneak Peek #3 – New Japanese Heavies, the Return of the Waffenträger, Mirny-13, and More!

Welcome to our latest look at some of the new features, updates, and upcoming events that our developers are currently working on. We already teased the new line of British wheeled vehicles in April, and they will soon roam the battlefields. Now it’s time for a glimpse at the new Japanese heavy tanks, the next line in development.
Watch our latest Roadmap Highlights video and follow Michael Broek, Publishing Director for Europe and America, and Aleksandra Legenchenko, Senior Game Designer for World of Tanks, as they lift the veil on the upcoming Waffenträger event, venture into the eerie realm of Mirny-13, show off the spectacular Random Events that will soon hit Random Battles, and much more!

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What do you think about the new features shared in this third installment of our sneak peek series? And which of the upcoming events are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “WoT: Roadmap Sneak Peek #3 – New Japanese Heavies, the Return of the Waffenträger, Mirny-13, and More!

  1. Always love to see a roadmap from wg, some of the most well put and transparent videos they make. Lets break it down shall we.

    1) Overwhelming fire – The event was a ton of fun on ct, and will prob be a good test ground for the upcoming autocannon tech tree

    2) Waffentrager and Mirny – Not much to say, tried and true fun modes for the most part

    3) Random Events – I personally really enjoyed them in recon, though some of them were clearly stronger for one team than the other. Thats something they would need to balance. Overall though, pretty enjoyable and I like how the timing will acutally be random, and that you won’t instantly die in the zone. Also, even if you aren’t a fan of random events, you can disable them from the map pool, which is always a plus.

    4) Japanese HTs – First off, absolutely beautiful tanks. Actual eye candy just to look at. Secondly, I’m a fan of adding the hydropneumatic suspension to them, makes them the first heavy tanks to get them. looks like they have decent sized cupolas that provide counterplay, but can be mitigated by good play, always good to see. Gun cooldown mechanic, not enough information, but could be interesting. Other than that though, not enough information to judge. Ik they are on blitz, and ik at some point (idk if they still are), they were pretty OP, but I don’t think thats much of an indication for PC. The Ho-Ri for example was translated perfectly into PC as a well balanced TD, whereas its pretty meta in blitz. Plus, these are pretty different from the blitz variants anyways

    5) Removal of Crew Penalty – Overall, a wonderful change, though we won’t be seeing it for a while. The only downside is not being able to transfer crews to standard tech tree tanks. I would like to see how works specifically, especially because when grinding up a tech tree, you normally move your crew from one tank up to the next in the line, so being completely unable to do so would be unreasonable. Some mechanism is needed for crew transfer from one tank to another for sure, but otherwise a great change to see

    6) Info page – Great, the more information the better

    7) Vehicle balancing – Good to see that they have been focusing more on vehicle balancing as of late. A lot of the changes have been great (like the rhm pzw and cent ax). Some of them have been ok, but didn’t have that big an impact (rino), and some of them have been just trash (prog 65). BUT its good to see them putting more of a focus on it. We aren’t at the stage yet of actually rebalancing things like chief or 279e, but nonetheless is always good to see

    1. Also, how could I forget about the map changes lol.

      Map Changes – FINALLY, mountain pass REALLY needed some changes, and a lot of these look promising. Same with Studzanki and Oyster Bay. Only know for sure once we play it though

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