WoWS: Graphics and sound improvements – Closed test 12.7

Let’s talk about the massive visual and sound changes in the coming update.

HD textures and collision model updates

We continue to update maps and ports to HD quality. In version 12.7, highly detailed textures will be added to the New York port, as well as the maps New Dawn, Polar, and Islands.

On these three maps, the collision model of the islands will also be updated – it will exactly match their contours in the game. This will eliminate situations in which a ship passing close to land could get stuck even without visual contact with an island. We will continue to update the island collision models on the rest of the maps in the future.






On maps with highly detailed textures, the number of underwater and aerial inhabitants will increase. In battle you will be able to spot more birds and fish, and sharks will be added, which can even be seen from above the water’s surface. During the calm phases of a battle, your ship may be accompanied by a shoal of dolphins. This change will make the maps feel more “alive,” and the general atmosphere of naval battles – more realistic.


Water changes

The effects of a ship’s interaction with water will be updated:

  • Splashing waves on the bow will become more realistic
  • The display of water spray will be improved
  • When water hits a ship, foam will run across the deck
  • Added an animation for drops falling from a wet ship.

The animation of water drops being blown off the waves has been improved, which will be especially noticeable in stormy weather. Air bubbles will be visible when in the underwater position, and the display of sunlight underwater will become more realistic.

New ship hit effects

The visual effects of shell, bomb, and rocket hits have been updated. For shells, these effects will differ depending on the caliber and type of shells, as well as the speed of the target ship; and for rockets and bombs – only on the type of armament.

SAP shells will have the same effects as HE projectiles.

Improved effects of ricochets and over-penetrations. When ricocheting, the physical model of the shell will bounce away from the ship at a certain angle, explode in the air or hit the water, an island, or another ship. Ships that were hit by the ricocheted shell will not be damaged. In the case of over-penetration, the shell model will go through the ship and fly out from the other side, and can also hit the water, island, or another ship without causing damage to the latter.

The effects of hitting a ship’s citadel will be updated. Also, depending on the height of the hit on the ship or islands, the effects of the blast wave can be displayed on the water.

Antennas, funnels, and secondary battery animations

Added unfolding animations for antennas and funnels on a number of aircraft carriers, as well as funnel rotation animations on some French battleships. The changes will only affect ships that have this as part of their design.

List of ships

Aircraft carriers

  •   United States
  • X Midway
  • X Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • VIII Saipan
  • VI Ranger
  • IV Langley
  •   Eagle
  • X Audacious
  • X Malta
  • VIII Implacable
  • VIII Indomitable
  • VI Furious
  • VI Ark Royal
  • X Manfred von Richthofen
  • X Max Immelmann
  • VIII August von Parseval
  • VIII Graf Zeppelin
  • VI Weser
  • VI Erich Loewenhardt
  • IV Rhein
  •   Sekiryu
  • X Hakuryū
  • VIII Shōkaku
  • VIII Kaga
  • VI Ryūjō
  • X Admiral Nakhimov
  • VIII Pobeda
  • VIII Chkalov
  • VIII Sanzang


  • X République
  • X Bourgogne
  • IX Alsace
  • VIII Flandre
  • IX Wujing


Also added idle rotating animations for secondary battery turrets. This change will not affect the preparation time for the firing of the secondary battery guns.

Graphics improvement on low settings

There will be a noticeable improvement in the game’s visuals at low graphics settings – it will become roughly the same as at high settings in 2021. Water was completely revamped – it will become more realistic, similar to water on higher graphics settings. Added weather effects and improved display of trees, moss, mountains, and various small objects on maps. Improved ship textures at low settings.

In addition, performance at minimum graphics settings was slightly improved.

Sound update

The sound of events taking place far away from the player has been updated. Firing of main and secondary battery guns, AA guns, explosions when destroying ships, and hits on ships at a long distance will be clearly distinguishable, conveying the natural feeling of long distance and simulating the sound propagation in a real environment.

The following sound effects have been updated:

  • Firing of main battery, secondary battery, and AA guns
  • Main and secondary battery shells hitting ships and water
  • Sounds of ricochets and over-penetrations
  • Sounds of waves crashing against the bow of a ship as it moves. The volume of the sound will depend on the size of the wave splash

Improved the overall quality of all sound effects and game elements and their interaction with each other. Now the sound picture will be adjusted to the situation in the battle. For example, during dynamic clashes with enemy ships the battle sounds will come to the forefront, and during quiet parts of the battle – the sounds of the environment.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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