WoT: 121B – “Monkey King” Got Renamed to “King”

About a week or so ago the 121B – “Monkey King” was renamed to just “King”. We suspect it was due to players getting offended by the “Monkey King” name.

21 thoughts on “WoT: 121B – “Monkey King” Got Renamed to “King”

  1. Another proof of how incompetent WG currently is.
    This changes absolutely nothing but denies the original idea of this style or this clone version of the tank to be exact.
    If someone wants to call you monkey or whatever, they just do that no matter what.

    1. This is not WG being incompetent, this is them being slaves of the cancer that is social media. That, and kids being offended for the stupidest and most trivial reasons and kicking up a fuss over it.

      Sun Wukong is a “monkey king” in Journey to the West, do we need to censor the original book too?

      1. Toxicity is a part of human. We can improve but can never erase it completely.
        They try to hide this part in the most lazy way, cutting its name by half, denying the reason why they made this clone.
        If that’s not incompetence then I don’t know what is.
        And I don’t even know why you’re defending such a company, it’s like Diablo 4 fanboys defending Blizzard right now =)))))

        1. I am not sure where I am “defending” WG here, like, really? I just don’t think it’s a case of “incompetence”, but one of forced political correctness likely influenced by a certain community.

          1. Yep he never defend WG, he just say that the reason is not incompetence but being stupidly political correct

      2. What? Son Goku? We need to censor Dragonball Z!
        Or was it Mori Jin from The God of Highschool?

    2. come on it was free reign to call people monkeys since they had monkey in the game. support couldnt enforce their amazing chat bans cause of it

    1. The most racist community in WoT had a hand in this, and you talk about curbing racism? Wake up!

      1. The word “monkey” is used as a generic insult, people joked about this a lot when Monkey King was sold in the auction. It’s also a specific insult to Asians, in which case yes, it is a racist slur.

        1. Has nothing to do with Asians.
          It’s racist against us African Americans.
          Stop appropriating our racism

        2. Anyone that reads or watched the tv show will know about “Monkey King” Sun Wukong one of earliest books I had as a child loved it. Also loved the tv show . You shouldn’t be changing things like this cause some uneducated people use “monkey” as an insult in a tank game!

  2. Yet something like SP 1 C stays in the game even tho that is a literal SLUR for Hispanic people

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