WoT Supertest: Object 752

A new iteration of the Soviet heavy tank is coming to the Supertest

The Object 752, a Tier IX Soviet heavy tank.

This vehicle is armed with a 122 mm gun causing 390 HP of damage per shot. Its standard AP shell penetrates 240 mm of armor, while its special APCR shell penetrates 310 mm of armor. Dispersion at 100 m is 0.42 m. The aiming time is 3.4 s. The tank has an oscillating turret and a 3-shell magazine autoloading system, which is unusual for Soviet vehicles. The reload between shells in the magazine is 3.2 s.

The vehicle is well protected: its hull armor is 195 mm thick, while the turret armor is 330 mm thick. Its top speed is 35 km/h with a specific power of 12.8 hp/t.  The tank’s total durability is 1,750 HP. Its view range is 380m.

The parabolic shape of its front armor plate, its V-shaped hull section, and low silhouette mean the Object 752 is confident in a long positional battle.

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26 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Object 752

  1. 240 normal pen, 310 apcr, good shit WG, another tank where people will use only 5% gold 😀

    1. It has armor and autoloader, do you want it to be an artillery too? Low pen is reasonable

  2. Low AP pen, bad AP shell velocity, bad accuracy, insanely slow aiming speed, probably bad gun stabilization due to its autoloader nature, insanely low ammo capacity, and 30s fullclip reload.
    This thing says this straight in the face: “LOAD THE FUCKING GOLD or you’ll get fucked”.
    Mobility looks meh.
    Doesn’t matter what kind of armor it has, this thing looks like COVID for me.
    It’s just disgustingly annoying. Nobody wants this kind of shit in the game.

      1. Why do you even read my comment in the first place?
        Just to make sure that I acknowledge what kind of person, oh sorry, clown you are?

      2. But sadly look like he knows about game and tank while you just smell of just speakin noob….

    1. I’d say it’s a worse T54E2 in every way besides maybe armor, and we don’t even know what the armor model looks like now that they changed the numbers

  3. I think it looks not only balanced, but also novel and fun to play and play against. Only the mobility could use some buffs. Let me justify these claims one by one:
    – the pen is the same as the Obj. 257’s (no one complains about it) and you get 3 extra degrees normalization on the standard and 2 on the premium shells;
    – if you play with the 3D model on tanks.gg you’ll see funky weakspots, while in the same time the V-shaped hull will be very trollish against inexperienced players;
    – -8 degrees of gun depression is Vz 55’s depression;
    – the gun handling and the aim time suck (can also be checked on tanks.gg, unless WG had them changed as well), but this just forces to use VStabs (like any normal autoloader).

    Novel: This is only the 2nd high tier soviet autoloader after the IS-3A (I know it’s an autoREloader).

    Fun to play: As I said, go play with 3D model and you’ll see that the cupolas are bound to the gun, so on a ridge line (using at least 5 degrees of depression), you can chill there with your gun raised in the sky. Just don’t snipe from 500m and you’ll be fine.

    Fun to play against: Experienced players will be able to exploit the weaknesses in the armour layout and catch it off-guard (like with any other autoloading heavy).

    Mobility: It is drawing the tank back in this future form. If it’s buffed back to its state in the live server (40 km/h top speed, 635 h.p. engine and 14 hp/t specific weight), it will be just a great addition to the game.

    TL:DR – Just buff the mobility a bit and it will be a perfectly balanced and fun tank.

  4. There’s no fun when you need RNG on your side in order to hit your shots.
    This thing will cause only frustration and annoyance.
    The IS-3A at least has superb shell velocity with APCR to make up for its gun handling.
    This thing? You HAVE TO load the gold.
    Why? It’s an autoloader with low potential, it needs to hit majority if not ALL of its shots in order to have a proper impact in the game.
    Even when you load the gold with this thing, you still need to be lucky to hit your shots.
    That’s the most annoying part.
    The only good thing is its armor layout which has some proper weakspots and you can even hide your cupolas by raising the gun, so it’s not hard to deal with.
    Still, not a pain in the ass to deal with doesn’t deny the fact that this thing is very unreliable.
    And being unreliable in WoT means it’s just frustrating to play with.

    1. So you are basically saying it has one major drawback – gun handling. And this is a problem – the tank should be decent in each and every aspect. But what happens when we get decent stats all across the board? We have Skoda T56, LT-432, EBR 75 FL 10 and so on and so forth.

      The gun handling is what will keep Obj. 752 balanced and fun to play AGAINST. Besides, crappy gun handling is an issue only in long-range engagements. So fighting in close range will basically deny this major weakness. Just have 2-3 more tanks to support you during the downtime.

      You can’t deny that the TNH T Vz. 51 and the Vz. 55 perform superb in the current meta. In my view, Obj. 752 is the soviet cousin of the TNH with 3, instead of 2 shells in the clip, but a bit longer aim time, which is compensated (up to a point) by the longer intra-clip reload.

      1. Sorry sir, the Vz.51 is definitely a good tank but far from meta, and its gun handling is TWICE if not 3X better than this shit’s, with insanely good turret AND way better mobility.
        That’s why even though the Vz.51’s potential is also low, it performs well. All that just because it’s reasonably RELIABLE.
        I really doubt you have full knowledge of what you’re saying, otherwise you wouldn’t say the same with a tank that has 0.26 base dispersion when moving.
        Even with Bond V.Stab + V.Stab directive, whenever you touch your W, the bloom becomes ridiculously big that you’ll feel like your 1st shot in the clip is guaranteed to miss.
        OR, you can sit there to SLOWLY BUT SURELY aim your shot while your opponents smack your cupolas like there’s no tomorrow, and then after a century you finally fully aim but they already have already fcked off.
        If that’s fun for you then all I can say is good luck comrade =)))))

      2. One more thing, if you think bad gun handling cannot troll you at a distance of 50m or less then unfortunately, WoT might disappoint you really really hard.

  5. Oh great another pretend tank that is going to be SO much better than the tanks that got off the drawing board and succeeded in real life

  6. So basically, it’s a T54E1 except with actual turret armor but a significantly worse gun (same pen, lower velocity, across the board worse gun handling, and much lower DPM since despite being a 122mm with slower intraclip reload it does the same alpha as a 105mm). Oh and power/weight is worse too.

  7. The armour model looks trolly as hell, but I expect on the move dispersion to be awful. Adding to that the bad aim time and accuracy and this will be frustrating to play.

    Oh, and it will be gold ammo dependant like GSOR 1008. Not only is APCR much better than AP, but the game has become so fast that normal autoloaders don’t have the time to switch clip and choose ammo (only exception is the T57 Heavy branch).

  8. This thing has been in Blitz for years. Most players I’ve seen in it are actually very competent.

    1. Only dumb ass cúnts play tech tree tanks these days.
      And who will pay for a premium tank that’s worse than a tech tree lmao

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