Five Things About the Char B1 With The Chieftain

Discover the top tank of the 1920s, which went on to see action in World War II—the IVB1 . General Jean-Baptiste Estienne envisioned the tank’s initial concept in 1919, and in the 1920s experts defined its basic specifications, including its ability to cross trenches and its low-mounted 75 mm gun. This beast’s development was repeatedly delayed as evaluations were conducted and the best ideas from different manufacturers were incorporated. Watch below to find out more about how the prototypes presented in 1924 shaped the destiny of this mobile fortress.

Join Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran in this episode of Five Things and discover how the French Army persevered with the Char B1 project despite facing obstacles and limitations due to treaties. While the vehicle had its shortcomings, its impact on armored warfare and tank development highlights the evolving nature of military technology.

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2 thoughts on “Five Things About the Char B1 With The Chieftain

  1. Yes two tracks that will never mind the Char B and the Cheiftain.
    But carry on with your 1930s tanks against 1960s 😂😂

    1. The B1 is a tier 4, so it doesn’t really meet 1960’s tanks except for a few of the weakest.

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