Project CW (WG’s Future Project) Leaks: Discord + Client Download

Project CW Discord invite (paused right now, but the invite is still active and may be unpaused in the future):


The client for the upcoming Project CW modern tank game can’t be installed directly from the launcher – to install, import the attached folder from the link above as an installed game from the WGC launcher, it will then download the files. Enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Project CW (WG’s Future Project) Leaks: Discord + Client Download

    1. In the Wargaming Game Center, when you go to All Games, at the top right there is a button called import installed games or something like that. Click that and choose where you extracted the files from the link as target

  1. hopfully it works, so we can join the testers so they can enjoy and test the game
    nothing to hide nothing to remove
    all good
    lets test it

  2. Game seems to be running on “broEngine” and it has a D3D11 and VULKAN renderer.
    On an .xml i found it motioning “CoreX” (might be an evolution of WoTs “Core” engine).

    Could indicate that WoT is going to have an engine update soon with VULKAN renderer.

  3. when i import the attached folder “ProjectCW” to WGC it says that this is not a wargaming game help me

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