WoT: Complete the Extra Chapter to Get the New Polish Heavy for Free!

The additional, time-limited Chapter of Battle Pass Season XI—Carmen de Bisonte—will be available from July 21 through July 31, giving you the opportunity to obtain a Premium Tier VIII vehicle for free. The 56TP, a brand-new Polish heavy, awaits you at the end of the Base Rewards Track.

The Improved Rewards Track, which—for the first time ever—you can choose to unlock with either gold or Free XP, offers a wealth of valuable goodies, topped off with a unique style which gives you a simple mission for the 56TP with a random daily reward after you obtain the style. The Carmen de Bisonte (Song of the Bison) style has its roots in medieval poetry and reflects the sheer magnificence of the European bison (also known as the zubr)—the true spirit animal of the large, powerful, and unyielding 56TP.

In Carmen de Bisonte, we continue our experiments with the Points cost and duration of additional time-limited Chapters within Battle Pass Seasons that allow you to obtain Premium vehicles for free. Part of these experiments is the Free XP option for Improved Pass purchase: this gives you more control over your resource allocation planning. Completing the Chapter in time is not easy, but there are some tricks you can use to get more Points (see below).

How It Works

Battle Pass: Time-Limited Carmen de Bisonte Chapter

July 21, 2023 at 7:00 CEST through July 31, 2023 at 7:00 CEST (UTC+2)

  • To start completing the Stages, you need to activate the Chapter. Only after that will Points count toward Carmen de Bisonte progress.
  • You don’t need to complete any of the main Season XI Chapters or make any progress in them to activate Carmen de Bisonte.
  • Carmen de Bisonte progress will begin only after you activate the Chapter. Points not assigned to any Chapters will not count toward Carmen de Bisonte progress once it is activated.
  • Completing every Daily Mission (including Bonus Missions) can help you accrue enough Points to get all the rewards. Point bonuses for Core Vehicles also work in the Chapter. Playing in them can increase your Points gain.
  • You can further boost your progress in Carmen de Bisonte with Battle Points from the Epic Reward (given for completing every 45 Daily Missions) and the reward for reaching the Season Point Limit for individual vehicles. Use the time left before the Chapter launches to prepare!
  • You can buy the Improved Pass for Carmen de Bisonte either for 2,500 gold or for 87,500 Free XP. Both values and the entire second option are experimental (and not final) for time-limited Chapters of Battle Pass Seasons. Choose whichever currency you’d rather spend!
  • The Carmen de Bisonte Chapter consists of 50 Stages.
  • Once you obtain the Improved Pass, you can purchase Stages for 250 gold each.

The Rewards 

Your way to the free 56TP along the Base Rewards track is paved with Personal Reserves and days of WoT Premium Account to buff your yields, a hefty sum of bonds, Bounty Hardening, and more. You can maximize your gains while completing the Chapter by investing gold or Free XP in the Improved Pass. Moving toward the one-of-a-kind Carmen de Bisonte style, you can pick up 15 more days of WoT Premium Account, more Personal Reserves, Free XP, Crew Books, equipment, and other great goodies.

The 56TP

Besides having the zubr as its spirit animal, this Tier VIII Polish Premium heavy is a well-rounded tank with great turret protection, good gun handling, and adequate mobility. Its shells pierce enemy armor like sharp, well-aimed bison horns. The maximum gun depression of –9° and a sturdy turret with non-prominent hatches make the 56TP very efficient at using terrain folds. That said, you’ll need to be careful: don‘t expose the front of your hull, as the 56TP has only up to 80 mm of nominal armor there.

An interesting peculiarity of the 56TP is its overall bison-scale length: it won‘t cause you too much inconvenience once you get used to it, but it’s something to keep in mind when playing in this tank. In some cases, you can use it in your favor and body-block a foe (rather than an ally).

Average Damage: 390/390/530 HP
Average Penetration: 221/252/68 mm
Hit Points: 1,450 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 40/14 km/h

Average Damage: 390/390/530 HP
Ammunition: 35 shells
Average Penetration: 221/252/68 mm
Gun Reload Time: 14.5 s
Dispersion at 100 m: 0.34 m
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles: -9/20 deg
Aiming Time: 2.3 s
Shell Types: AP:APCR:HE:
Shell Velocity: 1,018 m/s, 1,267 m/s, 980 m/s

Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 3.14/0.6%
Hit Points: 1,450 HP
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 6.27/1.19%
Hull Armor: 80/80/60 mm
Signal Range: 440 m
Turret Armor: 200/150/70 mm
View Range: 380 m
Turret Traverse Speed: 32 deg/s

Engine Power Specific Power: 900 h.p., 16.1 h.p./t
Traverse Speed: 38 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 40/14 km/h

All in all, the 56TP is better suited for countering an enemy advance at short-to-middle range than for breaking through their defense: its HP pool is decent but not outstanding, and the gun reloading time is pretty long. (It should be noted that attacks by European bison are always made in retaliation and are especially dangerous, as this intelligent forest beast knows how to play to its strengths). And when you opt for offensive play, don’t go alone: the zubr is a herd species.

The Carmen de Bisonte Style

“Maioremque animo fingere nemo potest“ — “No one can imagine a greater spirit“

This style, which can be earned with the Improved Pass, takes its inspiration from a classic work of literature from the early 16ᵗʰ century: “Carmen de statura, feritate ac venatione bisontis“ (“A Song about the Appearance, Savagery, and Hunting of the Bison“).

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The Carmen de Bisonte style suits the 56TP tank, which comes from one of the countries where the zubr is considered a national symbol. It can be said that the style—which draws upon medieval manuscripts—brings out the best in this sturdy and powerful vehicle, imbuing it with the spirit of the zubr.

On top of its exquisite looks, the Carmen de Bisonte style has a unique feature: for 110 days after the Chapter becomes available, it will give you a simple daily mission with a reward which can be very substantial. You only need to win once in your 56TP to complete it and receive something from the list below. So, the earlier you obtain the style for your new trusty credit earner, the larger your additional gain will be!

You can complete the mission in your 56TP without the Carmen de Bisonte style applied to it. Having the style on your account is enough.

Prepare to capture the great European bison, Commanders!

16 thoughts on “WoT: Complete the Extra Chapter to Get the New Polish Heavy for Free!

  1. Of all the new premiums they could feature in the extra chapter, they chose the worst.

    Hard pass for me, for a 390 alpha gun the DPM is awful, and the turret mantlet (this is a hulldown tank) is a giant SHOOT ME target as it has about 210mm of armor, so its own gun can punch through it.

  2. Pass for me as well. If it was going to be a trainer and it’d have to be a decent trainer for the Tier X heavy. Unfortunately that Tier X heavy is the 60TP….no thanks

    1. 60TP stopped being useful after the HE mechanics nerf, its gold ammo is not good enough for today’s standards.

      50TP (the Tier 9) on the other hand is really good.

  3. I am wondering if you can pay with free xp to complete some of the 50 stages. If not, this tank is not worth it at all

    1. From the description it looks like the improved pass is the only thing that can be paid for with free exp.

  4. This tank doesn’t seem terrible but not amazing either.
    Good. We need less OP prem releases.

    1. The most crippling thing is the horrible DPM, it is otherwise nice in terms of mobility and hulldown capability (if people don’t notice the hole in the mantlet). It also has really good aim time and accuracy, and okay penetration.

  5. This thing reminds me of the Object 780 but at tier 8.
    Pretty much everything about it looks very meh statistically.
    But in reality, this thing can definitely work pretty well consistently, just because of that gun.
    A high-alpha, reliable gun is not to be underestimated, even if its pen or DPM might not look good.
    When something can hit your weakspots for big damage, DPM or pen doesn’t matter.
    The 780 at tier 10 with bad base DPM and mediocre pen hits your cupolas for 530 consistently. That’s why it needs 4.8k-5k to get the 3rd mark.
    This 56TP at tier 8 gives the same vibe but with a bit of twist, its armor, which is definitely worse than the 780’s armor tier-to-tier.
    But again, it’s not a paper tank and it can bounce from distance, where it performs the best.
    All in all, the tank is not bad. It’s definitely worse than the T-832, and it’s harder to play obviously.
    Worth the grind or not? Personally, it’s worth for me. Balanced tanks are always welcome.
    Put a V.Stab, a Rammer, and a Turbo on this thing, be cheeky and aim properly.
    That will surely make you feel good when it rolls for 450+.

    1. Heck yeah. I’m planning the same except I’m using vents instead of rammer.
      I love my obj 780, that gun is beautiful. I run Survival improvement suite rammer and bounty turbo on mine. I’m considering switching bounty turbo for experimental turbo though.

      1. I got the 3rd mark on my 780 with 228 games. I was running Bond V.Stab/Rammer/Turbo.
        The Field Mods was Reduce terrain resistance, Increase accuracy, viewrange, and a bit more HP.
        I don’t take the Lv7 Field Mod because the tank doesn’t reach 55 km/h very often. I would rather have a bit faster aiming speed.
        So, 2k3 HP, 0.3 accuracy, pretty good stabilization, and only 2860 DPM.
        Avg 4.8k when I was tryharding with it.
        The tank is hard to play but rewarding to play. Beautiful experience.

    2. It somehow reminds me of the Lorraine 50T and as someone who mostly play medium tanks, a balanced heavium is more than welcomed in my garage. Will most likely go for Hardening, Rammer and Turbo. Can easily drop V.Stab since the aiming is already very good to begin with.

    3. You don’t wanna drop V.Stab on a tank that has 0.20 base dispersion when moving, especially when you don’t really have turret armor to be able to sit still in front of your opponents to fully aim your shots.
      The 780 at tier 10 has way better turret tier-to-tier compared to this thing, but it still needs a V.Stab even with better dispersion when moving.
      Not letting your opponents to have properly aimed shots on you will save you more HP than any Hardening.
      Turbo can be replaced with Hardening but V.Stab and Rammer are definitely must-have.
      A lot of people don’t really understand that the V.Stab reduces your peeking time and your actual aiming time which indirectly increases your actual DPM.
      Following mr. Frampton will lead you to some extremely frustrating moments when you sit there to aim for ages, then miss while taking a no-aim snap =))))))

      1. I appreciate your reply and the valuable information provided. I’ll have to wait and see how the tank feels and plays when it comes out before making a final call on my equipment setup. 0.14 with stabs vs 0.19 without.

        Might not be able to 3 mark it in 100 games or less as some players, but I’m confident in my abilities to get it done at some point. After all, I do have my fair share of marked tanks as well.

        See you on the battefield.

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