7 thoughts on “World of Tanks PC: All 18 Removed Maps

    1. We became the same map in winter; summer; night and with random events, this is 4 map… 😀 wg logic

  1. Exactly. Then they try symmetrical maps also known as corridors.

  2. WoT map design is the game’s biggest weakness. Sadly it’ll never be fixed. And the majority of the maps are poorly designed

  3. At least the night maps have proved the single and best way to improve the game is to reduce view ranges

  4. These monkeys need more maps, not less. And fix this shit game, after all these years, not one monkey developer can get it right. Now they are working on another tank game, good luck with that mess.

  5. lol I had forgotten about Mittengard.

    Play fhe FCM PAK
    Get Mittengard
    Do nothing
    Get Scout/Patrol Duty

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