WoT: Reminder – More 2D and 3D Styles Available In-Game!

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our vast array of 2D and 3D styles for your tanks. That means even more ways to customize your armored vehicle and make a splash on the battlefield.

Your style, your way—all available in-game for gold!

Customize your tank and unleash its artistic potential! With our expanded selection of styles now available, you have the power to transform your tank into a standout work of art that encapsulates your passion for armored warfare. Leave a lasting impression on enemies and allies alike with your personalized masterpiece.

While 3D styles boast exclusive, intricate designs tailored to specific tanks, 2D styles offer a diverse selection suitable for all vehicles. From historically accurate designs to more extravagant choices, find the perfect style to showcase your personality.

2 thoughts on “WoT: Reminder – More 2D and 3D Styles Available In-Game!

  1. I mean, WG can be thrilled all they want but 5k for a 3D skin… a digital asset… lmfao… sure, if the price was 500 gold then it would be worth it but at these prices, these are probably not gonna sell a lot.

  2. Dumb ass prices for Styles. Basically for whales with ‘left over’ gold from way too many loot boxes that they bought and have nothing to do with it. No other person in their right mind should spend 5K gold on a style when that’s almost as much as a T8 light premium vehicle. 2D styles are already so many that anything more than 250 gold for one is pointless, and 3D styles should be max 750 gold.

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