WoT Monthly July 2023: Go 4th!

We start July with America’s 4th of July Independence Day celebration activities—missions, drops, and special offers! Don’t miss your chance to score brand-new 3D and 2D styles that are tailored for the occasion!

Two noteworthy vehicles grace our Top of the Tree missions. Take advantage of discounts and accelerate your progress toward the coveted XLeopard 1 or grab the XType 5 Heavy, which is one of our Battle Pass: Season XI Core Vehicles. We’ve also got a YouTube Milestone Challenge, new mechanics to earn tokens for the Token Store, a WoT7 tournament sponsored by MillionPugs, and much more!

Arcade Cabinet: Darkness of the Night

June 30 through July 2 and July 7 through July 9: Darkness of the Night changes some basic gameplay parameters and adds different lighting effects and nocturnal ambient sounds. Taking place on three existing maps, it sees spotting range down by more than a third, radio range halved, and a shorter vehicle rendering range implemented.


Independence Day

July 3 through July 10: Celebrate America’s Independence Day! We’ve got a packed lineup of special events coming up: Earn Stamps via missions and Drops (July 7–10) and use them on a range of special items in our in-game Event Store, take advantage of discounted Premium Shop offers, and don’t miss our brand-new 3D and 2D themed styles!

Top of the Tree

From July 5 through August 5: Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, with two new Top of the Tree specials that align nicely with the new Battle Pass heroes in Season XI.

Climb the German Tech Tree line to the nation’s prized XLeopard 1 , or expand your collection of Japanese heavy tanks all the way up to the XType 5 Heavy .

Mission Pugsible by MillionPugs

July 6 through July 26: Mission Pugsible by MillionPugs returns with a brand-new challenge! Register at MillionPugs, select one of two Premium vehicles you want to compete for, and collect as many MillionPugs tokens and base XP as possible by completing missions. If you’re one of the top earners on the leaderboard, you’ll win your chosen vehicle! Aside from that, MillionPugs tokens are available to exchange for days of WoT Premium Account, consumables, customization elements, and more! Check out our dedicated article for more information!

July Drops Special

July 10 through September 4: We’re excited to introduce our revamped Token Store and a format that gives you two distinct ways to accumulate tokens:

  • No More Mission Drops: Starting July 10, you can earn tokens by completing a repeatable mission available every Monday; this method is independent of any Twitch drops.
  • Earn Tokens via Streams: Just like before, earn tokens by watching and participating in official World of Tanks channels and streams.

Players with active WoT Premium and WoT Plus are entitled to bonus tokens. Keep an eye out for our upcoming article with all the details, which will be released a few days before the Token Store opens its doors on July 10!

MillionPugs WoT7 Tournament

July 19 through July 30: The WoT7 tournament returns with incredible prizes, sponsored by MillionPugs. Prepare to get your paws dirty in intense 7v7 battles and fight for your spot as the top dog. Registration is currently open for the two qualifiers on July 19 and 23.

Then, tune in to watch the finals live on July 28 through July 30, accompanied by expert commentary and Twitch Drops. The winning team will represent EU at the World of Tanks Championship International (WCI) in China later this year! Stay tuned for more on this exciting event!

YouTube Subscriber Milestone Event

July 25 through August 15: A series of challenge milestones for the official English YouTube Channel! Each time one is reached, we’ll release a bonus code that can be redeemed for special items. The higher the number of subscribers, the more valuable the rewards. Keep your eyes peeled for our dedicated article with all the information!

June Drops Special

Until July 10: Special items are available in the Token Store, including the Star-Spangled and Dominion 2D styles, camouflage, consumables, days of WoT Premium Account, and tons more. Don’t forget to spend your hard-earned tokens before the Token Store resets on July 10!


Prime Gaming: Battle Hardened

Until July 19: The times of ancient Sparta are long gone, but the spirit of a brave hero still lives in every commander. So here’s the next package to inspire you to greatness: a new 2D style that’s bad to the bone, plus some equally nice-looking customization elements for good measure. Claim the Battle Hardened package to receive them, as well as 1 day of WoT Premium Account!


Battle Pass: Season XI

Until September 6: The latest Battle Pass is in full swing with flashy progressive styles for Core Vehicles, and heroes whose adventures are illustrated via the Collection feature. Plus, improved loot, with Experimental Equipment among the Base Rewards, gold in the Improved Rewards, and adjusted bond yields. This Season is also your first chance to earn enough Battle Pass Tokens to purchase the IXKPz 3 Projekt 07 HK .


Well-Deserved Rewards 2022

Until November 2023: Let’s celebrate another year together, Commanders! To express our appreciation for your support and passion, we’re giving each and every one of you a special gift.

Depending on the number of years you’ve been with us, your reward may contain a set of legendary vehicles; an amazing 2D style; a Personal Training Manual; special badges, emblems, and decals; or other cool items!


Celebrate America’s Independence Day, battle to the Top of the Tree for Tier X vehicles, try the new mechanics to earn tokens for the Token Store, and much more! Check back regularly for more news, updates, and—of course—surprises!

Roll Out!

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  1. Can Europe please get a Bastile Day event instead of that murikan independence day thing?

  2. Nobody cares about some American shitty war 250 years ago.
    WG should be celebrating Pride and the LGBTQ players!

    1. Gotta love how modern day liberalism can no longer be told apart from parody.

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